The conspiracy and grandmother of all Italian spirits

Having previously revealed several news about Project Galileo, the Italian studio jiyama games He reveals more details about his promising spirit through a new video.

The film in particular focuses not only on Unpublished photosbut also Details of the first narrativerevealing the final name of the continent in which the events take place, InutriaAnd what is the essence? tea towela mysterious power used by a group of people to control the game world.

Enotria is described as a vast world made up of different small kingdoms that over the centuries developed their own culture, trade, but also fought each other. But everything changes when Canovaccio is released across the continent: Enotria falls victim to a strange spell featuring Decay and stagnationwhile maintaining its beauty as it is now empty shell.

Hence, the land that was once breathtaking with its architecture and sun-kissed marine scenarios now appears meaningless and aimless, completely uninhabited and without more people for the inhabitants of once prosperous kingdoms.

We said it right away – explain Giacomo GrecoCEO and Founder of Jyamma Games – The goal of the entire Jyamma Games team was to research, study and introduce the broad Italian folklore into the video game made up of customs, legends and folk tales, which vary from region to region but also from region to region. The same territorial boundaries which, in our opinion, are underrepresented. We discovered wonderful stories that seem to have been born specifically for Galileo’s project“.

For more information, don’t miss a preview of Project Galileo, a project he’s overseeing Sabaku no Maiku and coming PC and console On a date not yet determined.

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