The dangers of the Manskin concert in Rome. Commissioner: No postponement – culture and entertainment

not discussed Maneskin Concert at Circo Massimo Next Saturday, after doctors warned Vimg Lazio of the risk of a surge in cases Corona virus disease Among the tens of thousands of people expected to attend. If the Romanian band declined to comment, there was an outcry on social media in defense of Damiano and the other musicians.

“90% of Italian artists have been having concerts for months but the problem is Maneskin. Jova Beach Party has more than a dozen dates with a capacity of 60,000 people and Vasco is the same because they are the problem!?”: It is one of the many comments that have inflamed social media in these hours.

And it’s not just fans of the group, but also people who don’t particularly appreciate their music and take part in the protest in principle: “They make me shiver just by looking at them – eg a little girl tweeting – but I hope with everyone the heart that #Maneskin sends to shit …Live whoever asks him not to revive the concert in Rome.”

“No hypothesis regarding the postponement of Manskin’s concert at Circus Maximus is under consideration.” So was the consultant for major events, tourism, sports and fashion in Rome, the capital, Alessandro Onorato About requests for a possible postponement of the upcoming Maneskin concert. He added, “We will take all precautions and precautions that will be determined by the health authorities, and in cooperation with the organizers, we will take the necessary measures to implement them.”

Among the many comments there are those who pose protect the environment: “But why don’t doctors break c … to Jovanotti – another writes – who at his concerts because of bringing Covid also destroys the environment? Manskin, ah this consistency is unknown …”. There are those who remember doing a lot to get back to freedom: “I was at the #Vasco party, Saturday I’m going to the Manskin party, in August I’m going to #JovaBeachParty. I have 3 doses of the vaccine and I’m happily smashed…they asked us to vaccinate to come back to live. I want to I come back to live.”

There is also from Take care of many workers Participates in such an event: “Honestly, all the singers – one tweet – are partying with a lot of people, #Maneskin is being asked instead to cancel everything without considering the economic damage it would do to a lot of workers. You preach somewhere else, Thank you “.

And finally, those who ask that, if there is a public health issue, not just anger against the band: “The sensation to ask #Maneskin to move the party when a thousand other artists continue to give great concerts? Cohesive to address all artists and not just them” he writes more from a single user. “And all other events/parties scheduled are not… Is the virus a passionate Damiano fan and does he just go to him?” Another tweet.

And it sparked comments on social media after the intervention of Vimg Lazio doctors, who said they were concerned about the significant increase in injuries in Lazio also in light of the Romanian band’s concert at Circus Maximus. Me too’Doctors Syndicate Take a stand by declaring the risk of infection at concerts and recommending the use of Fpp2 Mask.

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