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The popular Carlo Conti program will return to broadcast on Rai Uno in September: in the jury we will find Loretta Jogi, Panarelo and Malioglio

Confirmed in the next TV season Ray Ono Teal which appears. Ten years have passed since the first episode, but Carlo Conte He doesn’t seem bored. The new version will resume in September – at the moment no specific start date has been set – and we’ll find out in the jury Loretta Jogi, Cristiano Malgoglio and Giorgio Panareello.

In this period, Conte and his entire team grapple with auditions for the aspiring competitors. Several invocations have leaked so far: some are topical, others are unfounded. In recent weeks, there has been some insistence about being in the cast Patricia Pellegrinonew from passing experience in Big Brother Vip 6. Unfortunately, the blonde actress was unsuccessful in casting: he was the one directly interested to announce it on Instagram.

The ex-Jivina admitted that she was tried rather because of this refusal and that she is psychologically broken but does not want to give up. Patricia Pellegrino confirmed it next year will appear again To the Tale and Quali Show picks because it’s a format that you really love. The 59-year-old said she was also happy to share Sisters Selassie.

Clarissa, Jessica and Lulu They are among the first official competitors at Tale and Quali Show 2022. They will compete together, as happened last year with the Guidonia Twins, who put on unforgettable performances that led them straight to victory. Will that happen to little princesses, too?

At the moment, it is not clear who the other participants in the Carlo Conte show will be: the official cast will be revealed only in August, as usual. However, there are several disputed names: Marco Morandithe most famous son of Gianni, Manila Nazzaro, Alessandra Pirelli (a former male and female suitor and ex-girlfriend of Costanino Vitagliano), Ron Moss (beautiful ridge)And the Laura Chiatti.

They shouldn’t be there By Alex Bailey and David Silvestri and Katia Ricciarelli. The latter admitted that she rejected Ray’s proposal to dedicate herself after extensive participation in the Big Brother Vip, which lasted a good six months.

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