The new images from James Webb are so beautiful that scientists are excited

James Webb is a tool that will greatly extend science and our knowledge of the universe. While we are waiting for the official images of the tool to be released, the The first reactions to the shots look really promising.

Pictures are being taken at this timeThomas Zurbuchen, NASA’s chief of science missions, told reporters.We have collected a lot of amazing scientific data.The US space agency, in fact, has plans James Webb’s inaugural photos released on July 12.

What I saw moved me as a scientist, engineer and human beingPam Milroy, NASA deputy administrator, told reporters.It’s really hard not to look at the universe from a new perspective and not enjoy a deeply personal momentZurbuchen added during the press conference.It’s an exciting time when you see nature suddenly release some of its secrets.

It should include works that the audience will be able to see within a few days Unprecedented views of the depths of the universe And the From the atmosphere surrounding a distant exoplanet, potentially giving us glimpses of a habitable world different from our own. Finally, after years of waiting and deferring, we can – like never before – observe the universe.

Meanwhile, to pass the wait, here’s a James Webb photo of the star.

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