The Nobel Prize in Mathematics, Ukraine’s Marina Vyazovska wins: she is the second woman in history

The second female winner ever –

Maryna Viazovska is the second woman ever to win the prestigious award, after Maryam Mirzakhani in 2014. “I am from Kyiv, Ukraine. In February, my life changed forever, but also for all the people of the world. We often take the good things in our lives for granted, So peace. Now I understand how wrong I was,” she said in a video posted on YouTube by the International Sports Federation.

Extradition in Helsinki because of the war –

The award was established in 1936 and is awarded by the International Sports Federation every four years. It consists of a gold medal and a reward of 15,000 Canadian dollars to celebrate the exceptional discoveries of researchers under the age of 40.
Unlike other years, the announcement was made during a special event held in Helsinki, Finland. Roberto Natalini, Director of the National Research Council commented: “The Congress was supposed to convene in St. Petersburg, but then it was decided, for the first time, to do so online. It was a very big political choice because of the war.”

Domain question –

“How many cannonballs can be placed in the ship’s hold?” Arose from this question, just over 400 years ago, astronomer Giovanni Kepler conjectured. Mathematical evidence allows a series of round objects to be inserted into a box.
American mathematician Thomas Hals had already succeeded in 1998, but the challenge was to do so using fields larger than three dimensions. Viazovska was able to do this with balls of up to eight dimensions. The solution to this problem, for example, is useful in communications signal error correction codes.

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