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A very unique release of his new song. Arissa He wanted to sponsor his last song with a breathtaking image. The photo, which was shared on Instagram where the singer is very active, shows her Completely without clothes. To cover it only with two hands that are not hers. On him, like the one covering him, he has only black and shiny gloves. “Everything changes and shifts and even love is now vibrating at a different frequency. Time heals and shows you the true nature of things if you don’t stop – he writes in the post – my heart went through a very difficult period for the first time in my life, I shed so many tears and fought by fixing an idea that stole my smile for months.”

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The artist talks about staying up late nights. Only now, according to him, did he realize that he had never felt true love before. Not surprisingly, the title of the new song is called “tu mì perdición”, meaning “You my ruin”.

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Whom you refer to is unknown. The most mischievous think the song is for Vito Coppola dance partner a Dancing with the stars. There was always sympathy between the two of them, but the artist said several times that he wanted to slow down.

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