The real reason behind talking about the Pope’s resignation and his health

For months, rumors have been circulating about the Pope’s alleged health problems and his impending resignation. The rumors were regularly denied and artfully placed to stop the curia reform that Bergoglio wanted.

news about Pope Francis resignsa practice that has now become a tradition denied by events on time.

In recent days, on the occasion of the implementation of the reforms of Korea completed by Pope Francis, rumors have returned to circulating about the resignation of the Supreme Pontiff for health reasons, and the deeply analyzed news seems to be the most hopeful of a group of hard-line opponents of Argentina that the truth is based on reality.

While Jorge Mario Bergoglio, born in 1936, has accused some recently small healthy reaction Like any self-respecting 85-year-old, amidst difficulties with walking and routine interventions delayed by the pandemic, on the other hand, none of these minor problems can lead one to consider giving up Peter’s chair prematurely. The pontiff’s medical record is clear: no tumors, no neurological problems. The intestinal surgery he underwent last year for diverticulitis he had suffered several years ago was brilliantly overcome, and only general anesthesia gave Pope some problems that led him, after an injury to his collateral ligaments, to avoid surgery in favor of rehabilitation. This led to Francesco first using a wheelchair to get around and in the past few days He moved back with a stick.

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It must also be emphasized that in the history of the Church, The health of the popes was not the main reason for the dismissal, just think of John Paul II who, despite suffering from many diseases, died not as an emeritus but as an actual actor. Court voices and detractors play a large part on the subject of the early termination of the papacy, so the whole arena of clash is political.

Bergoglio, as we said, made it effective recently Curia reform which in the coming months will lead to a revolution in doctors, many retirements and many new appointments. As he revealed to his closest aides, this will be the most complex stage in the reform process: putting a different model of government into practice and operation. after, after The scandal that led to the resignation of Cardinal PesioBergoglio seems to have also found a square in the ruling class that accompanies him, and for this reason his presence will be central in the years to come, a presence that will ensure that the new model of organization of the Holy See becomes irreversible.

This generates nervousness and fear in many environments that have thrived for decades within an opaque organization, Nervousness turns into inferences, as in the case of the Pope’s health or in mechanical attacks on his closest men as in the case of the Franciscan Father Mauro Gambetti, vicar of the Vatican, who for days was subjected to a smear campaign on some specially created blogosphere, about the cleaning work within the Fabbrica di San Pietro, (the working body for the administration of the basilica complex), center Another great interest was demolished.

in short The mechanism of defamation in the logic of the Vatican is coupled with attempts to destabilize the political framework in the pressIt is a practice that has claimed many victims in the history of the Church; Nevertheless, Bergoglio is destined to remain for many years at the head of the Church of Rome “God willing”.

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