The response from the setup is bearish at the moment, but still possible

Strong downside, but this could be a bear trap, which is artificial and then leaves room for new heights from tomorrow onwards. The response of the setup at the moment is bearish, but we prefer to wait for tomorrow to assess the likely reality of the facts.

Let’s go step by step.

At 4:34 pm on the trading day on July 5, we read the following prices:

future dax


The future of Eurostoxx


ftsi ib future


S&P 500 . Index


If the decline does not end, a decline is expected on August 16 or October 17

In red, the annual fractal forecast for a global stock index on a weekly scale for 2022.

In blue, what happenedJune 24.

Forecast for the current week

You should form the maximum between Monday and Tuesday and then see the drop until Friday. For the time being, the sample trajectory has been respected, except that the setup has bottomed out today (maybe also weekly), and tomorrow there will be a bullish swing. Otherwise, the descent can continue until August 16 and beyond.

The response from the setup is bearish for now, but a market rally is still possible

future dax

Very short downtrend until we see a daily close above 12.987. Only continued gains with a weekly close above 13365.

The future of Eurostoxx

Very short downtrend until we see a daily close above 3.497. Only permanent rises with weekly close above 3584.

Future Ftse Mib

Very short downtrend until we see a daily close above 21,600. Only permanent highs with a weekly close above 22,240.

S&P 500 . Index

Very short uptrend until we see a daily closing below 3.752. Long-term cons only with weekly close below 3.711.

The current multi-day trading center of our trading systems

Long sign on Wall Street. Short in other analyzed stock lists since opening on July 4th.

What can happen on Wednesday in the stock markets?

Fresh selling is possible and prices may pull back after the open with a rebound attempt even with some strength.

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