The solution comes from the partnership between CupSolidale and DoctorApp –

CupSolidale and DoctorApp, two of the most successful Italian start-ups in the field of digital health, announce a partnership to allow patients to book diagnostic and specialized visits as soon as they leave the family doctor’s office: it will be possible to quickly and easily choose the service structure closest to your needs.

The new synergy arises from the common goal Reduce waiting times And the Simplify access to health care in the process of placing The patient is in the center.

Why was this joint venture born?

Once the family doctor’s visit is over, we often find ourselves with a prescription for a diagnostic test or a specialist visit. The problem arises at the time of booking, whether it is in a public or private medical center: queues, waiting hours and ultimately appointments at clinics that are too far away or at often inconvenient times and times.

How the collaboration between CupSolidale and DoctorApp works

A patient who booked an appointment with a family doctor throughDoctorApp At the end of the visit, he receives a notification on his smartphone indicating the platform Where you can search for the prescribed diagnostic test or visit the specialist you need, compare All options by date, place or price e Choose the most comfortable solution Based on cost, proximity or urgency. All In a few minutes, no queues Or wait on the phone.

We are really happy with this cooperation – Announces Leonardo Aloi CupSolidale CEO-: Together with DoctorApp, we can, through Family Doctors and Pediatricians, directly reach those users who are already using technology to save time as well as their health needs to be satisfied. Initiating partnerships with companies like ours, who are innovative, with a strong technological career and who solve real problems is the path we seek at CupSolidale and will continue to do.”

“The joint venture signed with CupSolidale represents an important step for DoctorApp towards an increasingly patient-centric system.” – he claims Alessandro GiraudoFounder and CEO of the startup – “This collaboration was created to solve a very important issue for our patients related to the reservation of diagnostic or specialized tests determined by your doctor: waiting lists, waiting hours and unacceptable dates. Thanks to the Solidarity Cup system integrated with DoctorApp, all patients from now on can quickly and easily book specialist visits and visits of their loved ones” .

Solidal cup is a file The first digital platform in Italy that congregate and Compare health services and services. completely free, Check agendas and availability of private and non-profit structures in real time and allows you to search, the reserve Pay social and health benefits Just three clicks. With CupSolidale, it is ultimately the user who decides the day, place and time, knowing in advance the price of the service. The portal has the widest offer of healthcare: diagnostic services (magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound scanning, Covid tests and smears, etc.); laboratory tests (blood, urine tests, etc.); Home and personal assistance services, physical therapy, dental services, specialized visits.

Today CupSolidale has more than 1700 clinics Connected throughout Italy and is located in 438 locations. The platform is currently registered 500 reservations On average per day, 40% Users return.

DoctorApp is the first Patented system Designed for the complete management of the medical facility, developed For general practitionersAnd the Pediatricians It is customizable for clinics and professionals. DoctorApp facilitates the organization of the study, starting with Managing queues and reservations in medical officesIn order to reduce crowding in the room and reduce constant phone calls in the studio. It is a sophisticated system that includes many technological tools that allow you to manage the relationship between the medical facility and patients, who book visits in a simple and intuitive way directly from their smartphones.

DoctorApp calculates the day more 350 paramedicsI am using the system regularly as a practice management tool. 87% of doctors renew for a period of more than two years.

I am currently 153,000 patients all over Italy To take advantage of the in-app booking service, save time and avoid queues.

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