The tension between Turkey and Greece, the dispute between the two NATO members in the eastern Mediterranean (and its gas fields) also includes the atmosphere

discord over Middle Eastern Which has seen a difference in recent years Greece And the turkeyboth of which are members Boy, is far from a solution, in fact, it actually includes another, more and more realm: the sphere of heaven. he is Athens who – which Ankara They aim to enhance all of them National Aviation and their own abilities Air Defense In an attempt to impose its control over that region of the Persians, which officially belongs to Greece, but Turkey continues to claim its rights. In fact, the Turkish government is increasingly objecting to the border demarcation Territorial waters And the exclusive economic zones in Athens, especially after the discovery of important areas gas fields Around Cypruswhose value increased with the energy crisis that erupted after the outbreak of The war in Ukraine.

But in order to establish their own control over the sea and limit their counterpart’s warlike capabilities, Greece and Turkey need to assert their dominance over the skies as well. In this race to strengthen the region’s fleets, however, the United StateWhich the two countries resorted to to buy new countries the hunt And to update those who already have it. This is how the president is Joe Biden In a decidedly uncomfortable position at a time when Turkey’s discontent risks having repercussions also for the war in Ukraine.

Compounding the picture, the recent steps of the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakiswho in his speech in May in U.S. Congress A request from the deputies to prevent the sale of 40 F-16 And another 80 upgrade group for Turkey to avoid another increase inInstability in the eastern Mediterranean. But the intervention of the Greek Prime Minister not only led to the implementation of an operation the pressure Turkish antipathy. Mitsotakis also paved the way for an official request to include Greece in the programme F35from which Turkey was excluded after purchasing Russian missile defense system. Thanks to the sale of US fifth-generation aircraft, Athens will be able to equip itself with vastly superior air power compared to the Turkish one by 2030 even if Ankara gets new F-16s from the US. In fact, Greece can also count on eighty-four F-16s, whose deliveries will end in mid-2027, and on twenty-four aircraft. Rafalethe fourth generation of aircraft produced by France Indeed, it is more advanced in its own right than the fighters that currently make up the Turkish arsenal. Evidence of the fact that, unlike Ankara, Athens could count not only on stronger relations with the United States, but also on the support of France, which repeatedly intervened to defend Greek interests at the diplomatic and military levels.

However, Turkey also has its cards to play to limit Greek supremacy in the Mediterranean skies. First of all, Ankara exploits the desire for it Sweden And the Finland To enter NATO to get from him Washington At least the green light to sell the F-16s as soon as possible. In a few years, the fighters provided to the Turkish forces will become obsolete, so Turkey must act quickly to avoid being inferior to Greece. Second, Ankara can rely on Bayraktar TB2 dronesWhich is a problem for the Greek islands. UAVs of Turkish production have been used repeatedly Violating Greek airspace Monitoring the movements of naval vessels around it disputed islands, often forcing the Greek Air Force to intervene. In response, Greece recently began installing an anti-aircraft defense system on its territory Israeli Which, thanks to the laser system, neutralizes the drones by interfering with communication systems and the Global Positioning System (GPS).

The drone dome Thus, it will represent an additional advantage for Greece, which with this purchase also managed to strengthen its relations with Israel, and is equally interested in reducing Turkey’s power in the Mediterranean. Because of the naval dispute between Athens and Ankara, in fact, the Jewish state had to witness the rejection of the project by the United States. EastMedthe pipeline that should have allowed The arrival of Israeli gas to Salento Pass through Cyprus and avoid Turkey instead. However, the project returned to the center of international attention once again with the outbreak of war in Ukraine and the collapse of trade relations with Russia. All the dynamics are playing in favor of Turkey, the only country capable of mediating between the West and Moscow and which exploits as much as possible its current position of power to its advantage. Even at the expense of a country that is an equal part ofAtlantic Alliance Therefore, Ankara should consider its ally, not its enemy. However, as NATO opens its doors to Sweden and Finland (again with a concession from Turkey), two historic members of the alliance are vying for supremacy in the eastern Mediterranean, weakening a front that instead wants to show itself as compressed as much possible against Russia.

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