“They have to get off.” Italy gives the NGO sanctuary: 306 migrants in Pozzallo

While in Italy, independent landings continue on the coasts of Sicily, Sardinia and Calabria, Ong They never stop asking (and getting) safe havens in our country. Any rescue that is carried out in the central Mediterranean, even those who are not in the Italian search and rescue zone, for the vague logic of NGOs must be managed by Italy, the only country in the basin under pressure and demanding a safe haven. The last ship got port there ocean vikingwhich is scheduled to dock tomorrow morning in Pozzallo with 306 people aboard. The city of Sicily in the province of Ragusa is one of the most stressed cities due to the phenomenon of migration, because it is one of the main ports where migrants from NGOs and those who have been lowered at sea by Italian military rescue vehicles disembark.

Another 306 migrants arrived in Pozzallo

During the night, the ship of the NGO Sos mediterranee transported 15 people who were on a small boat in the middle of the Mediterranean, causing the number of migrants to rise to 306.”They have to go down No more delayThey were ordered by Ocean Viking, which dictates disembarkation times. Obviously, even if it was not indicated in the letter sent by the NGO, the recipient was Italy. The ship had been at sea since last June 24 and had made eight recoveries in the central Mediterranean. ​​Off the coasts of Libya and Malta.The ship flies the Norwegian flag and for the migrants, according to international codes, Norway should be considered the first port of call.However, the 306s that will disembark at Pozzallo tomorrow morning are unlikely to be transferred to the Scandinavian country but most likely will be sorted In the reception centers of our country waiting for the implementation of bureaucratic processes.

Continuous landing on the Italian coast

Yesterday afternoon, 30 migrants were picked up from a . patrol boat Coastguardwhich it intercepted 12 miles southeast of Portobalo. The migrants disembarked at the port of Ragusa are mainly from BangladeshBut there are 3 Syrians, two Sudanese and one Ethiopian. Among these there may also be some minors. Meanwhile, yesterday 7 North Africans disembarked on the Trapani coast, most likely of Tunisian nationality, and 20 others disembarked in Pantelleria.

But this morning, a Carabinieri alerted a citizen after he noticed a group of foreigners in Le Saline, on the island of Saint Antioco, in the Sulcis region of Sardinia. There are 16 people who were picked up by the police and told that they had arrived from Algeria. They were all in good health. After completing the first medical examinations, they were transferred to the reception center in Monastir.

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