This is what he does in life. beyond belief

We know him as Avanti un Altro . Personal ShopperWith that signature look with a pointy mustache and earrings, he’s sporting a style that doesn’t go unnoticed. his real name Francesco Oscar Ferraroone of the main characters of the TV show hosted by Paulo Bonolis on Canale 5.

The personal shopper is part of the minimalist model of Avanti un Altro as of the 2019 edition. From the beginning he was very popular with the public and was very successful on social networks. What do we know about it in detail?

Who is Francesco Oscar Ferraro?

We know that Francesco Oscar Ferraro, a personal shopper at Avanti un Altro, was born in 1989. We do not know the day and month of his birth date, because by his choice he decided not to disclose this information on social networks.

Avanti un Altro Personal Shopper has its origins in Torrianova, a town in the province of Reggio Calabria. He has always had a passion from an early age fashion and art. Just to follow his dreams and passion, after graduating from high school, he left his city and moved to Rome.

There is a careful choice on the part of the young behind the desire to go to the capital. In fact, in Rome he attended an acting course in foundry arts. This also allowed him to get some experience in the world of cinema. In fact, not everyone knows, for example, that Francesco Oscar Ferraro also had a role in The Alternative Mafia, a production that was also presented at the Cannes Film Festival.

The Private Life of a Personal Shopper at Avanti un Altro

As for him Private life And in particular to you emotional eventsAvanti un Altro Personal Shopper maintains a certain degree of confidentiality. In fact, for example, on his Instagram profile, which can count on a certain number of followers, he did not share certain photos related to his love life. So we don’t know if Francesco Oscar is engaged or not.

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In fact, everyone is wondering and wanting to know if Avanti un Altro Personal Shopper has a woman that they refer to in the emotional sphere. But, as we have already defined, from this point of view it is very conservative He does not like to be the center of attention.

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However, we do know some interesting curiosities about him. In fact, he not only enjoys acting but also loves to sing a lot. In addition to this, she has a lot of earrings which are always quite flashy which she also uses in her daily life.

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