TMW – Inter, Vidal towards Flamengo but for Sanchez it’s a dead end: the point on Niño Maravilla


Arturo Vidal It’s akin to Flamengo, an agreement that will also close very quickly because all parties have an interest in it. For the Chilean to go, one more remains for now: the Rossonero vs Carioca poll Alexis Sanchez He has not been breached, and in Viale della Librezione, the former Barcelona is still a knot that must be resolved. In two respects: economic and congestion attack.

Zero offers that Nino loves. The impasse, for now, must be completely resolved. For Sanchez, interests and requests arrived, yes, but they did not satisfy the person in question. “The Lion in a Cage,” as the Chilean player called himself after his Super Cup goal, looks like one, and therefore still desires to perform at a certain level. In short: Serie A, Liga and Premier League. The top, the player feels like one. Do you eat them? There are two types: at the moment, the sirens have not been heard from these leagues, unlike other, less competitive but more interesting ones. The second is of an economic nature: So far, it is difficult to find companies in Italy and Spain that have the resources to guarantee Sanchez what Sanchez is – legitimately – asking for. There is still the Prime Minister, where even mid-level clubs can pay the salaries of our dreams A. Big hope for Sanchez, as well as for Inter.

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