To counteract constipation and facilitate the passage of hard stools, this natural supplement will suffice, not bicarbonate

Constipation, or difficulty emptying stool, is a disorder that affects many people. Often this is a transient phenomenon, but sometimes it can become disabling. Indeed, in addition to the feeling of heaviness, swelling and abdominal pain, other complications can also arise due to exertion, such as fissures or hemorrhoids.

To alleviate this ailment, some people used to drink a solution of warm water and bicarbonate in the morning. However, it appears that the effectiveness of this treatment has never been proven, and in fact, any benefits are believed to be negligible at all.

On the other hand, an effective remedy can be rye fiber, a natural supplement that is usually taken to give the body a series of benefits. Therefore, in the next few lines, we will not only reveal the properties and benefits of this supplement, but also outline possible contraindications.

To counteract constipation and facilitate the passage of hard stools, this natural supplement will suffice, not bicarbonate

Rye fiber, as reported in various studies, consists mainly of carbohydrates that are obtained from cecal cereals. This plant, which is also called rye, is mainly grown in Central European countries, such as Germany and Poland, where the winter moisture can be better exploited.

Rye fiber is composed of both insoluble and soluble fibers. The first group includes cellulose, which will be able to increase the transient mass in the intestine, facilitating the emptying of stool and combating constipation. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has approved the claim regarding these benefits.

On the other hand, soluble fiber consists of:

  • arabinoxylan.
  • fructans.
  • beta-glucan;

The latter helps the body regulate the absorption of fats and sugars, thus keeping blood sugar and cholesterol levels in check. Here, however, the claims that rye fiber will bring these benefits has not been authorized by the European Financial Supervisory Authority.

In fact, no relationship appears to have been found between eating rye fiber and lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Furthermore, claims that fiber is a long-lasting energy source and that it has a low glycemic index do not make any claims. Hence, these supplements will be useful to counteract constipation and facilitate stool expulsion, but care must be taken. In fact, fiber is also likely to interfere with some medications and with blood sugar control if you have diabetes. However, in case of flatulence and gas accumulation in the stomach, another natural supplement can be taken, which is charcoal.

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