Triumph is changing the name of Street from modern classics, and this is what it will be called – News

Along with innovations in the Model 2023 color palette in the Modern Classic collection, Triumph has abandoned the “Street” designation. Arrival of Speed ​​Twin 900 and Scrambler 900

5 July 2022

c.As we have already announced, now comes the confirmation of that Triumph . MY23 Collection provides a change the label For family access models modern classic: Easier to read font and offset each model in the foreground. Street Twin has been renamed Twin speed 900Street Scrambler has been renamed Small Size Jammer 900. Technically there are no differences but for each model there will be liver updates. Let’s see them one by one.

Twin speed 900

TheThe bike that was called Street Twin which marked the entry step into the Hinckley two-cylinder group is changing its name and will be called from now on Twin speed 900, with a direct reference to its powerful and dynamic 1200cc bigger sibling: nothing technically changes compared to the Street Twin, but the MY23 features three colours, from classic Jet Black, through Matt Ironstone to the new Matt Silver Ice with accents in yellow and silver. . New paintwork includes the tank in Matt Silver Ice with proportional contrast graphics, Jet Black panels with the new Speed ​​Twin 900 logo, and Jet Black fenders.

Small Size Jammer 900

s.Crumbler 900

Renamed Small Size Jammer 900 For the MY23, a 900 cc “all-terrain” is offered with 3 color options: Jet Black, The new red carnival and Jet Black with new graphics, and the famous Matt Khaki that celebrates British off-road traditions. The new Carnival Red and Jet Black option focuses on the tank and is complemented by fenders, side panels and frame fenders in classic black. Instead, the new Matt Khaki scheme is accompanied by Matt Jet Black mudguards, side panels and frame guards.

Bonneville T100

Theto me Bonneville T100 It will be offered in the inescapable Jet Black, Carnival Red and Brushed White as well as a fresh reinterpretation of the typical 1959 color scheme, Meriden Blue and Mandarin with hand polished tank details.

Bonneville T120 and T120 Black

Theto me Bonneville T120 Retains classic Jet Black, sophisticated carmine red and glacial silver, with the addition of a new Aegean and White fusion with hand-polished gold-tone tank details, while Bonneville T120 Black It will be offered in a Jet Black variant and in Sapphire Black and Matt Sapphire Black colors, with a dual graphics tank and hand-polished silver tank details.

Twin speed 1200

Theto me Twin speed 1200 In addition to the minimal Jet Black and the sporty Red Hopper, he will expect it The new release in Matt Baja Orange With contrasting graphics on the tank made in Storm gray and silver aluminium.

Scrambler 1200 XE and Scrambler 1200 X

T.Re proposals also to scrambler The highest group of the Triumph line, the 1200 XE and XC: Sapphire black, iconic khaki green matte, matte black, carnival red, and jet black.

Bonneville Popper

Thefor custom Bonneville Popperas well as the advanced Jet Black, Matt Storm Gray and Matt Ironstone will be presented at new colorway red hopper.

Bonneville Speedmaster

Theto me Bonneville Speedmaster Keeps Jet Black and Sapphire Black / Fusion White colors in range while Both add a third suggestion, in Cordovan Red.

Thruxton RS

TheAt the Racer’s Café Thruxton RS In addition to the classic and simple Jet Black, it will be presented in new silver ice green competition patternwith gold graphics detailing the tank and single-seat tail.

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