Two newborns died after birth

It seems that gynecologists in fertility clinics who inseminate patients with their own semen are a real epidemic in the Netherlands. According to new research, one of the five gynecologists accused of using their own sperm during fertility treatments did not give birth to 21 babies, as previously thought, but 41 babies.

It also turned out that Gus Beck, as the doctor was called, was a carrier of a rare genetic disease that caused the premature death of two children. “There was a mother who had two children after treatment with Beck and both died in their first year of life. When the second child died in 1990, the hospital did some research and the genetic defect came out.” Researcher Pratt told Omrup West. The man, who died in 2019, was working as a gynecologist at the former Sint Elizabeth Ziekenhuis Hospital in Leiderdorp. There she underwent fertility treatments in the mid-1970s.

When 21 donor children came to hospital last year because their DNA matched that of a doctor’s, Professor Diddy Pratt was tasked with investigating the case as chair of an independent panel. The women approached Beck and requested treatment with sperm from an anonymous donor. He used his own sperm, without telling him. With the lab moving internally in 1986, it was speculated that Beek discontinued the treatment that year as well.

Pratt does not rule out the presence of other descendants of Beck. In addition, the researchers were unable to find any lists of donors. Therefore, it is suspected that there were no unknown donors and that the Beek Company was the only one to donate the seeds. As for the investigation, Pratt also spoke extensively with former Beek employees, colleagues, and the then-wife of a gynecologist. The committee wrote in the report: “Beck elicited strong and strongly mixed reactions; there was no compromise. On the one hand, he was very involved with his patients and wanted to help them; and on the other hand, he had tremendous ambition. A desire for prestige, and considered himself very suitable as a benefactor.” .

“It’s important that the kids know that,” says Peter Jo of Alrijne Zorggroep’s board of directors. For this reason, the hospital is again inviting parents and children to come forward if they were treated by Beek and if they were born from a sperm donor treatment. Children they know from the hospital will be helped. “As a hospital, we try to do everything we can to help children and parents with questions, doubts, and doubts that they have,” says Joe.

It was previously revealed that a gynecologist practiced between 1973 and 1986. The new survey reveals that he performed fertility treatments until at least 1990. “The eldest son was born in 1975, the youngest in 1990.” Pratt says. Beck is the fifth gynecologist from the Netherlands known to have used his own sperm for treatment. It started with the case of Jan Karpat in 2019. Later, doctors from Den Bosch and Zfull also arrived. Last Friday, the case of a doctor from Brabant was announced.

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