Ukraine and US HIMARS missiles to turn the tide of war

A video to put pressure on the Russians, and at the same time, to make the West understand the importance of getting and getting other aid right away. On Monday, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine published a video showing a missile launcher operating from the middle of the highway in the area of Zaporizhia. The video did not provide any indications of any kind regarding the objectives of that attack, but on the same day a massive missile attack on an air base was reported. Melitopol, a city now occupied by the Russians. But the most important thing was that the eyes of the weapons experts had no doubt: Those missiles that were fired were himars Americans.

Not only because it gives a precise meaning to the many precise attacks that the forces of Kyiv in the last days. Not being able to count on a parity of forces in the field, the Ukrainian army began to move strategically, according to one basic concept: to cut off the supply of ammunition and weapons to the Russians. It is no coincidence that all these attacks are targeted precisely at warehouses or workshops responsible for equipping vehicles He flies. This kind of strategy has been possible since United State They have guaranteed a Zelensky Eight M142 high mobility artillery missile systems. They are the ones who shoot Himar. arrived four Ukraine On June 23, the others will arrive. But since their arrival, the defense forces have used them extensively. Clearly, more is needed to hold back the Russian advance and eventually push it back. There is interesting data given by Rusi, Royal United Services Institute. there Russia About 20,000 artillery rounds are fired per day against 6,000 in Ukraine. If Kyiv still resisted, it was precisely because the systems that arrived from the Western allies are in many cases more accurate than anything possessed by the armies engaged in the field.

In addition to the documented attack, Ukraine reported three more on ammunition depots on Monday, and as of yesterday thick plumes of smoke rose from Donetsk.

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“American equipment is excellent equipment that allows us to be effective even with long-range attacks,” he told The Telegraph. Andrey Zagorodnyuk, a former Ukrainian defense minister – but that certainly isn’t enough. Dozens of them are needed.” “If we had more, we’d be able to stop the attack and we could start to pull them off – unfortunately at the moment it’s not entirely clear when most of these things are going to arrive and it’s not even clear what we’re going to get,” he added.

L ‘UkraineFrom the beginning of the Russian offensive, it received Western and former Soviet weapons from its allies, but often in smaller numbers than expected and not always with short periods of time. Recent enhancements include M777 howitzers, HIMARS missiles from the US, and Caesar 155mm guns. FranceThe M270 multiple launch missile systems have since United kingdom The Bushmaster armored vehicles fromAustralia.

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