Ukraine counts on the Hemar: “So we will liberate the occupied cities”

Shooting distance and accuracy. L ‘Ukraine It depends on two main characteristics himars To change the tide of war in the Donbass. The modern rocket launchers the United States delivered to Kyiv could soon make a difference. It’s not the case that Oleksiy ReznikovThe Ukrainian Defense Minister posted on Twitter a picture of the weapon with a symbolic description and a big thank you to the United States for its support: “Perhaps the best example of this support is Hymars, who has become a game-changer at the foreMeanwhile, the Ukrainian media highlighted an event that took place in the eastern quarter of the country. Captured two ships Raising the foreign flag in the Ukrainian port of Mariupol.

The importance of hemars

After the Russians were expelled from Kyiv and Kharkiv, and the cruiser Moskva sank in the Black Sea, the Kremlin relied on its capabilities in ArtilleryTurning battles into Donbass In constant bombardment. Thus Moscow invaded the Lugansk Territory and now aims to take full control of Donetsk. Ukraine recognized that the situation in the east was difficult, but was ready to respond by exploiting the characteristics of the Hemars. After the operational phase, Kyiv’s forces are ready to bomb strategic Russian military targets with these very special weapons.

Indeed, if the range of the howitzers used by the Ukrainians so far is about 30 kilometers, then Hemar has more than twice that. I mean men Volodymyr Zelensky They will be able to strike deeply. Built by a military contractor Lockheed MartinThe High Mobility Artillery Rocket System can fire the same type of long-range munitions as the conventional Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS), such as the M270, at targets up to 300 km away. However, there are some key differences: HIMARS uses a three-axle tire with wheels. The entire system can be operated by a crew consisting of the driver, gunner and head of the department, while the spent ammunition capsule can be refilled in minutes. This is in addition to its excellent presentation Shooting abilityUkrainians are allowed to stand up quickly, engage and reposition after the shooting.

Ships captured by the Russians

A Ukrainian military source explained Republic Which Himars hits has a range of nine metres, which means he always hits the bull’s-eye. “For us this isliberation weaponWhich we will use extensively to take back the cities occupied by the Russians“It seems that so far the Ukrainian soldiers were in some sense,” the source said.They are obscured by fear of civilian casualties in the occupied territories“Now, thanks to the accuracy of the Hymars, the entire scenario could change.

out of the battlefield, Kyiv Independent He wrote that Russian-backed separatists had seized two foreign-flagged ships in the Ukrainian port city. Mariupolstating that I am nowstate owned“. This is the first such act against commercial shipping since the beginning of the war. The self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic has informed two shipping companies that their ship has been targeted.”Forced appropriation of movable property with forcible conversion into state propertyWithout any compensation to the owners Smartflying the Liberian flag, and blue starFly the flag of Panama.

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