Updated Toyota RAV4, the world’s best-selling SUV for 2023: new equipment is on the way

Toyota RAV4, the new SUV is about to hit all Italian roads, with exceptional modifications, designed for car enthusiasts.

Toyota RAV4 SUV – Engines

the new Toyota RAV4 SUV2022 2023, It will contain a large 12.3 inch digital instrument cluster And much more. The changes focus on the entire multimedia system, On support dedicated to the leadership.

Then it is added New color, lunar white pearl Available for all finishes except between. Production of the new Toyota RAV4 will start in the meantime Third quarter of 2022.

Toyota RAV4 SUV All News

new car It will have a 10.5 inch screen12.3 inch digital devices. On the hybrid variant there will be a new pre-collision system Capable of detecting the proximity of parked vehicles or oncoming bikes.

Toyota RAV4-Motori.news

to any concern 12.3 inch screen It can be configured with the four modes in mind, such as Smart, Casual, Sport and Tough. The driver can choose the type of information that will be displayed while on the road. No trip will ever be the same again.

There will also be an evolution of the infotainment system, compared to the 8-inch system previously, now the SUV will have a 10.5-inch panel, With navigation and multimedia services included. Then the new assistant will be available and can be activated via the “Hey Toyota” command without any distraction. voice assistant, Will go to check the multimedia systemOpen the windows and turn the air conditioning on and off.

There will be too Satellite navigation, offline. So you can view all Additional information such as low emission areasAlert weather and traffic congestion areas. This will allow the driver to organize his route and avoid traffic jams and long queues.

Hybrid drive and 360-degree road control

the new Toyota RAV4, It will have a 218 hp or 222 hp hybrid engine with electric all-wheel drive. Version 2.5 of the plugin will have 306 horsepower and an 18.1 kW battery.

Then there will be two new safety features. Beyond the pre-collision system, there will be Help at intersections that will be able to Report the presence of both pedestrians and motorbikes. In short, Toyota wants to help the driver in some way if someone suddenly crosses the road.

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