Video game market in 2022 in decline according to analysis, for the first time in years –

After a long period of significant growth, thevideo game industry will be published net in 2022with Ampere Analysis predicting a general decline in the market during the current year, something that has not happened for several years now.

In 2021, a Total sales of games, consoles, and services The underwriting generated a massive $191 billion market total, but those results won’t be repeated in 2022, which will instead see a drop of $188 billion.

Results and Forecast in the Video Game Market from 2015 to 2023 According to Ampere Analysis

This is not a frustrating character, but this It refutes the vision of continuous growth Which seems to have been on the gaming market for nearly ten years now.

Since 2015, the results have always been growing strongly from year to year, and it has also increased due to the pandemic that, paradoxically, has led to an increase in the volume of business in the video game market between 2019, 2020 and 2021. However, this particular event also had negative effect Which is beginning to be felt now, in light of the closure of Internet cafes and the regulatory changes that have been implemented in Asia.

With the crisis resulting from the war in Ukraine, the combination of negative elements finally had an important impact on the market in 2022, as we will see in detail only at the end of the year. At the moment, Ampere Analysis’s forecast speaks of a decline to $188 billion for 2022, however, it is offset by Immediate recovery in 2023 Which should resume the positive trend, with total earnings expected to be around $195 billion, outpacing until 2021 earnings.

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