Views of the stage of Petiti Live

lights up Radio Norba Corneto beats live. On July 5, the first episode of the singing event, now in its 20th edition, was broadcast on Italia 1. I’m at the helm for the sixth year in a row. Alan Palmieri and Elisabetta Gregoraccibacked with champagne Mariasol Beaulieu. The songs of summer make Italians dance and the costumes on the Bari stage captivate the scene: here are the first looks.

Elisabetta and Mariasol between feathers and lace

Views from the stage of the first episode 2022 of Radio Norba Corneto Petite, live
Alain Palmieri, Mariasol Beaulieu and Elisabetta Gregoracci on stage

On opening night live rhythms landlady Elisabetta Gregoracci She left everyone excited with her yellow lace mini dress Grinas . Player. The sleeves, impregnated with ruffles, are long but the back is completely exposed: the showgirl is gorgeous. go for the feathers Mariasol BeaulieuWith a multicolored halter neck dress Vivita. curriculum Lou Sila Emerald green catches the eye. Instead he chooses black Baby K, with a bodycon jumpsuit with an asymmetrical top. It’s so sensual Annalisatransparent and animalistic in Roberto Cavalli.

Men between illusions and…. tank top

Views from the stage of the first episode 2022 of Radio Norba Corneto Petite, live
Rocco Hunt and Eletra Lamborghini

Let’s move on to the men’s heroes A live rhythms. Fides and Tanani they sing the life is Nice (Discover the details of the video) with Mara saty: The two flaunt the group’s much-talked-about outfits adidas x gucci. White flowers on purple fabric in T-shirt Valentino From Rocco Hunt Which, along with Lamborghini Eletraattracts the audience with a hit caramel. Take a peek at all the looks from the first episode of live rhythms in the exhibition.

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