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In the context of the conflict in Ukraine, there is often talk of a “proxy war”, of an indirect confrontation between Russia and the United States. But Moscow and Washington are in fact “exchanging favors” and have been doing so for a long time. To support the thesis, according to which Alessandro Orsini “delivered a favour” to Vladimir Putin, US President Joe Biden “handed over to Ukraine a certain type of weapon: weapons unable to stop Russia’s advance,” the sociology professor wrote about the fact.

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In short, Washington’s real goal “is not to fend off Putin’s invasion, but to slow it down.” but why? According to the geopolitical expert, whose critical positions with NATO and Europe have divided public opinion since the beginning of the conflict, Biden keeps the Europeans at ease because he helps the Ukrainians, and at the same time “gathers the friendship of Putin, who, we might say, in the secret rooms of the Kremlin, the United States The United States is not working to block Russia’s victory in the Donbass.” Orsini also cites the words the Tsar trusted to his followers: “American weapons will kill some Russians, but without guaranteeing the victory of the Ukrainians.”

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Basically, there is a belief that “Russia’s defeat will lead to a devastating process for the United States as well. Given the situation that has arisen, Biden is fine with Russia’s victory over Ukraine, but little by little. Putin knows it. Accept this price to pay.”

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The “advantages” between the United States and Russia will continue for years, even in Syria where “Obama refused to give the Syrian rebels missiles to shoot down Russian planes. For its part, Russia did not give the Taliban missiles to shoot down. Planes. The Americans are in Afghanistan,” Orsini recalled.

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