When we walk and exercise, we often forget to do one important thing that can change everything

When we decide to stay fit through healthy exercise, it is important to perform the correct movements. That is why it makes sense to seek advice from your personal trainer, in order to avoid possible injuries. Not only that, but an exercise performed with incorrect movements can significantly reduce its effectiveness.

As a result, many focus only on how to move their arms and legs and at what speed. However, an equally important aspect is often overshadowed, which leads to disastrous consequences.

When we walk and exercise, we often forget to do one important thing that can change everything

Many do not believe that there is a correct way to breathe, as we do it naturally without thinking about it. However, when exercising, it is very important to inhale and inhale the right way.

First of all, as a rule, we should inhale during the unloading phase of the exercise, that is, when the effort is less. Therefore, we must exhale at the loading phase, that is, when we have to exert more effort. This way we will be able to have more resistance, and give oxygen to the muscles when they need it.

But the most important thing is to avoid holding your breath. In fact, it is normal to do this in moments of great commitment, but it will not be good for the body at all. In fact, entering apnea may increase blood pressure, which reduces blood flow to the brain as well. As a result, it would be normal to feel dizzy or have temporary blurred vision in these cases.

Different types of breathing

There are different ways to breathe, some more suitable than others for the exercise we do. The most natural and most efficient is abdominal breathing. In this case, it is the bulkhead above all that manages the air inlet and outlet. It is especially recommended for activities such as yoga, pilates, strength stretching and the like, during which we do slow movements.

To strengthen or do cardio exercises, many resort to thoracic breathing, which involves the intercostal muscles more.

Here is an explanation of how to breathe when we walk and exercise so that we can improve and get better results.

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