Who is Robert Cremo, the 4th of July shooting killer in Illinois

Very active on social networks, he is registered on every platform. In a profile picture, now removed from many sites, he has a helmet and a small camera on his head. The face is covered and his eyes are hidden by the mask. He himself wrote that he began to develop his passion for music from a young age, in 2011, when he was only eleven years old. On Valentine’s Day 2016, Awake released his first song called “Hit” titled By The Pond and it garnered three million views. Then six albums were released. The last video “In My Mind” is from January 15, 2021. His songs are tough. Rhythmic notes collect personalized messages for


to me



Use of weapons

. “I am like a sleepwalker…I know what I must do, not only for myself but also for others. There is no past or future, only the present… I must only act, and nothing can stop me.” Once again, the option to insert disturbing images into the “Toy Soldier” video. There is an animation in which the individual shoots and then stays on the ground with a bullet hole.

and then

Confusing signals from the world of politics

. See a picture of the appearances

National Front

White supremacist organization. Pictures appeared on the network that the young man was walking in

Pro-Donald Trump demonstrations

However, it is not clear if he is a supporter of the businessman or another political party. A photo posted on Twitter shows Cremo with a Trump flag used as a cloak, but the same account is positively commenting on a video of President Joe Biden.

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