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back to talk about it Nintendo Switch Prowith a small directory that appears to point to a file Ad even for this summeras he seems to want to suggest Serkan Tutua well-known market analyst at Kantan Games Inc.

In a tweet deleted shortly after, Toto wrote “Summer 2022, definitely a Pro moment,” making a reference to the Nintendo Switch Pro and its possible announcement that could happen during this summer.

Screenshot from Serkan Tutu’s deleted tweet

Tweet was almost immediately Deletedwhich does nothing but increase the idea that she has something real, as often happens in these cases.

On the other hand, other clues could point to the announcement of the Nintendo Switch Pro, as it has been discovered for some time now: in particular, in the past few hours, Nintendo has Make your presentation clip private From the Nintendo Switch OLED on the USA YouTube channel, which, moreover, was presented only a year ago this summer.

It is not clear how this action could be linked to the announcement of the Nintendo Switch Pro, but that was enough to spark further discussions in this regard. To add more context to this issue, we should also remember the increase in Nintendo spending on raw materials for what appears to be the creation of new hardware: in the last period, the Kyoto house spent 66.517 million yen In this material, or twice what you spent at the time of the Nintendo Switch Lite, which indicates extensive development and research activity to produce new devices.

Finally, there could be another possible clue Register “New South Wales” as a trademark, which Nvidia often uses as a console identifier in files related to that platform. In short, we’re still in the wildest rumors, but the Nintendo Switch Pro is still always present in gamers’ thoughts.

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