A new phase of the war begins in Ukraine

After occupying the city of Lysychansk on Monday, the Russian army completed the invasion of the eastern Luhansk region of Ukraine. Now Russia will also try to complete the occupation of the Donetsk region and thus control of the entire Donbass region, which became the main Russian military objective after the withdrawal from the capital Kyiv in March.

The conquest of the Luhansk region was long and exhausting for the Russians, who found themselves before rather stubborn Ukrainian resistance. Military clashes have slowed down in recent days, and according to military analysts, both sides are preparing for a new phase of the war.

It is very likely that the clashes will also be very difficult for the Donetsk region, since already in the next few days the Russian army may try to attack some cities that are considered strategic, such as Slovyansk and Bakhmut.

Probably the most important battle was the conquest of Slovyansk, from which the area occupied by the Russians is only 16 kilometers away. According to the British Ministry of Defense, “there is a realistic possibility that the battle for Slovyansk will be decisive for the occupation of Donbass.”

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Analysis of the movements of the Russian forces indicates the possibility of trying to besiege the city of Slovensk, first by taking control of the surrounding cities and blocking the delivery of supplies and humanitarian aid to the city, and then proceeding with devastating bombardments on the area of ​​the city. It is a military tactic already used by the Russians on several occasions during the war, which is why the authorities of the Donetsk region have called on residents to leave their homes and seek refuge in other cities, fearing that civilians may remain obscured. In the course of Russian progress.

Then, the invasion of Slovenia could allow the Russian army to encircle Ukrainian forces in a large pocket south of the city: a maneuver that has been talked about for a few months, and the Russian army has so far failed.

However, it will not be easy for Russia to capture the Donetsk region also due to the arrival of new and better weapons to the Ukrainian army by Western countries. A lot has already arrived, and more will arrive in the coming weeks. From the United States, for example, High Mobility Missile Systems (Himars), light rocket launchers that allow you to hit targets up to 80 kilometers away.

Artillery systems like this allow the Ukrainian army to attack Russian positions from great distances and with remarkable accuracy, without having to fight close combat. It is a huge improvement for Ukraine’s weapons, but President Volodymyr Zelensky continues to demand that more weapons be sent from allied Western countries.

Meanwhile, NATO countries are also trying to offer advanced training courses for Ukrainian soldiers. British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said on Wednesday that a first group of Ukrainian soldiers have arrived in the country in recent days and will be trained by British Army soldiers in the use of Western weapons and in war techniques for a few weeks.

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