A Russian ship accused of transporting stolen grain is leaving Turkey. Kyiv summons the ambassador: “Not acceptable” – Mubasher

Finland strengthens border barriers with Russia

The Finnish Parliament approved one today Law that allows you to build strongest fences border with Russia. For fear that Moscow may use immigrants To apply political pressure, new amendments to the Border Guard Act facilitate the construction of stronger fences on the northern country’s eastern border with Russia, along with 1300 km. The aim of the law is to “improve the operational capacity of border guards in reply to Mixed Threats‘, he stated Anne IhanosSenior Advisor to the Ministry of Interior. Contributed to the war in Ukraine urgency of this case.”

“One dead and 6 wounded in Kramatorsk”

Because of the Russian attack on Kramatorsk there dead and 6 wounded. 6 buildings were damaged, including a skyscraper. The data is updated. I ask all residents evacuation City.” Posted by Telegram Buffalo KirilenkoGovernor of the Donetsk region.

Kherson “The Russians burn the bodies of the victims”

“to me Kherson The Russians cremate the bodies to hide the death toll. On the outskirts of the city, places with cremated remains that are difficult to recognize were seen several times. The bodies are brought with Trolleys from the local prison. The Russians claim that the cremated bodies are the result of fires or… artillery attacks. Explosions were heard, followed by fires, in these places, but firefighters were prevented from entering to put them out. Written by cable General Directorate of Ukrainian Intelligence.

Kramatorsk: “Air strike in the middle”

“he was there air attack In the city center Victims. Rescuers are working immediately. “This was reported by the Kramatorsk Rada channel, quoting the words of the mayor KramatorskAnd the Oleksandr Honkarenko.

Mariupol, “Ukrainian civilians forced to detonate 8 mines”

eight civilians Ukrainians are employed by Russian units to evacuate rubble From a mining factory that was bombed a Mariupol It was detonated by an explosion my king. The occupiers use local civilians as specialists Removal subordinate munitions ExplosivesThe mayor’s advisor in exile wrote on social media Petro Andryushenko. Reports on How independent.

Russian ship Kyiv summons the Turkish ambassador

Turkish Ambassador in Kyiv Yaghmour Ahmed GolderI was summoned From the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry after the Russian ship Zebek Zuliaccused of pregnancy stolen pills From Ukraine, left Turkish port Karasu. “Because unacceptable situation In which developments occurred, the Turkish ambassador to Kyiv was summoned, ”as stated in a statement issued by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. InterfaxShe denounced this “ignorance.” the call By Ukraine, the boat was released on the evening July 6By the Turkish authorities.

ISW: “Russian forces have begun an operational truce”

“First time in 133 days of wardid not claim the Russian army progress in the region In Ukraine in support of the assessment that Russian forces have largely begun a pauseThe American Institute for the Study of War (Isw) writes in its latest report.

The Russian Defense Ministry claimed responsibility for the attack Territorial conquests every day Since the beginning of the war – as stated in the report – but no new area or movement of ground forces has been claimed since the completion of the Lysichansk encirclement in July 3. However, the Russian forces still have carried out assaults Limited land and unsuccessful on all axes on July 6th. These attempts fixed A Russian cessation of operations, which does not mean a complete cessation of active hostilities. In this case, it would mean that Russian forces would likely be limited to offensive actions on a relatively small scale in an effort to create conditions offensive operations more accurate And to rebuild the fighting power needed to attempt these heroic deeds more ambitious.

Russian ship with grain leaves Turkey port

The ship flying the Russian flag Zebek Zuliaccused of pregnancy Ukrainian wheat theftI left the water in front of the port Karasu in turkeyIt is a town located one hundred kilometers east of Istanbul. make it known morning. Ukrainian Ambassador in Ankara Vasil Bodnar And it was announced, on Sunday, that the Turkish authorities had detained the ship on charges of leaving the ship Berdyansk port, not far from Mariupol, laden with grain stolen from Ukraine. Instead, Russian sources reported that the ship was only waiting for permits to enter the port.

Russian missiles on grain silos

Russian missiles on two silos from wheat in the area Odessa And on Snake Island. denouncing it Serhi BrachukA spokesperson for the Odessa Region Administration reported, “We note that the Russians want to destroy our grain. They have been destroyed 2 silos to store grain from 35 tonsAccording to preliminary data, there are no casualties. Brachuk also reported that the Russians “caused two missiles to damage the surface of the anchorage of Snake Island.” Read the article:

Ukraine: 347 children killed since the beginning of the invasion

I 347 children were killed and 646 wounded Ukraine Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, according to the latest, not final, data provided by the Kyiv Prosecutor. bring it back Ukrinform. The largest number of victims was recorded in the Donetsk, Kharkiv, Kiev, Chernihiv and Lugansk regions.

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