After 4 years of marriage, it’s over: the actor announces the separation

After 4 years of marriage, it is over, the actor announced this on social media with a long message.

The actor announced his separation from his wife in the past few hours; The announcement came via his Instagram channel which is very popular today, given the fame that surrounds him.

After 4 years of marriage, the actor announces the separation on social media (Credits: instagram)

He explained in the social post that the decision came months ago, with the agreement of the two parties: “We know this is right for both of us,” He writes at the bottom of the picture with the woman and two children. He is keen to make it clear that despite their separation, there is always a relationship that revolves around respect and love. It is clear that the couple decided to take different paths at least in terms of the emotional relationship but to unite them there is always great affection, great respect and, of course, children born of love that accompanied them until this decision.

After 4 years of marriage, it’s over: The Grey’s Anatomy actor announced it on social media

The announcement of the separation arrived quite unexpectedly, The actor who already has a concluded marriage, from whom two children were born, Make it known on social media. He carried a long message at the bottom of the photo in which he was taken with his two young children born of love with his second wife.

Kevin McKidd, The actor who we first met on Grey’s Anatomy in 2008 with the role of Dr. Owen Hunt, has let his millions of followers know about his split from wife Ariel Goldrat. The breakup that has apparently surfaced in recent months but only recently wanted to share that special side of his life with everyone. McKidd explains that the relationship of love and respect will not decrease and that the choice is desirable by mutual agreement.

Kevin McKidd, Wife Separation
Credits: instagram

A few months ago Ariel and I decided to end part of our marital relationship. We know it works for both of us. Ariel is a wonderful mom to Nada and Aiden”, writes on social media at the bottom of the family photo. It is clear that the separation does not mean the forced separation of the spouses, in fact the actor wishes that everyone could raise their children with someone who falls into the circle of best friends.

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