Aida Yesbica hugs her son Aaron again after two and a half years of separation: how much has she grown

Ida Yespica can finally hug her son, Aaron, now 13, after two-and-a-half years of absence due to a missed visa: The Venezuelan model tugged at Aaron, then “how grown-up.”

Aida Yespica Finally embracing Ibn Harun After two and a half years of being away from him. In 2020, the Venezuelan model said in the living room of Lorella BocciaIn a program reveal itBecause of his passport issues and that’s why he couldn’t reach his son who lives in Miami with his ex-footballer father Matthew Ferrari. Last Christmas, he still laments the distance: “To be able to enter America I need a visa” It is to explain. In the last few hours I finally got to him and on Instagram she documented the expected hug. Mama Aida told him as she hugged him: “How old you are.”

Aida Yesbica moves and hugs her son Aaron again

Aida Yespica finally hugged her son Aaron again after two and a half years apart. She couldn’t join him in Miami because her visa had expired and she had to wait that long to get it. “Finally I can embrace you my life. I miss you a world, how much you slept” The model was written as text on the shared video between stories.

Because Aida’s son Yespica lives in Miami with his father

She told herself in an interview why she was forced to let her son live away from her. Due to a scam she was exposed to, she found herself without money, and so she decided, along with her father, that it would be best for him to live in Miami “where he would continue to attend international schools”. The best option is to guarantee him a future but has not allowed her to see him for more than two years. He said in Tears on Rivelo in 2020:

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I have made many mistakes towards my son. Over the years I have surrounded myself with bad people, I trust people a lot, I have suffered from scams. I had to leave him to his father because he was the only person I could trust.

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