Alfa Romeo Tonale tests and six more

Seven cars under the press – In the last test session carried out by an independent body Euro NCAPwhich aims to discover Active and passive safety Of the cars, the Alfa Romeo Tonale won five stars. Together with the SUV from Biscione, the new Kia Sportage and electric Cobra Borne, as well as the Mercedes T-Class and Citan Tourer multi-wheel drive, all models were evaluated for the highest score. The Toyota Aygo X and BMW i4 stopped at four stars.

Alfa Romeo Tonal – L’Alfa Romeo Tonali (In the pictures above), although there are no central airbags, and therefore it has a maximum star rating. For active safety (which evaluates the quality of devices capable of preventing accidents), the Italian SUV received a rating of 85%. Behaving in a good manner In vehicle-to-vehicle collision avoidance tests and between cars and users on the road, it also provides an attention-assist system capable of detecting driver fatigue. As for passive safety (which evaluates the protection a car provides in the event of an accident), the Tonale scored 83% in occupant protection, 85% in child protection and 7% in pedestrian protection.

Kia Sportage – The Kia Sportage (In the picture above), which shares the platform with Hyundai Tucson, scored very similar on safety tests, and also received Highest rating 5 stars. These are the scores obtained by Sportage in the individual areas: 87% in adults, 86% in children, 66% in pedestrian protection and 72% in ADAS.

Cobra was born – a letter similar to Burning Cobra (In the picture above), the sporty variant of the Volkswagen ID.3; The combined Spanish achieved 93% in adult protection, 89% in child protection, 73% in pedestrians and 80% in driver assistance systems.

Mercedes TE Citan – The Mercedes T-Class And the Seitan Tourer (In the picture above), which is essentially the same car with a different use (one for passengers, one for cargo), both based on the Renault Kangoo platform, scored an excellent score because it is well-equipped in terms of passive safety, thanks to a new center airbag for greater side-impact protection. , but also for accident prevention functions. These are the scores obtained: 91% adults, 93% children, 69% pedestrians and 90% for ADAS.

Toyota Aygo X – smallest Toyota Aygo X (In the picture above) he performed well, but nonetheless, Abandoning some systems More advanced security, thus obtaining a 4 star rating. These are the results: 78% protect adults and children, 74% are pedestrians at risk and 81% in relation to driver assistance systems (ADAS).

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