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Jewel – when buying Kinan Yildiz, a young talent born in 2005 from Bayern Munich, Juventus has earned one of the best prospects in European football. The player arrived on a free transfer after he terminated his contract with the Bavarian team.

Juventus had to beat competition from Barcelona to secure what is already considered a childish phenomenon. At first, it seemed that the Spaniards were the team destined to restore young talents, but a lightning attack by the Juventus administration in the past few hours led to the closure of negotiations.

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Keenan joined Bayern Munich’s youth academy at the age of eight. The midfielder was born in 2005 in the city of Regensburg in the German region of Bavaria, to a Turkish father and a German mother. He joined the most successful club in Germany after playing for two years in Regensburg.

Considered a fixed point for the Turkish national youth teams, the boy can choose in the future Germany. In fact, he has not yet made his debut in the Turkish national team. With Turkey U-17, he has so far scored 3 goals in 10 matches, which confirms his offensive ballistic skills.

Where do you prefer to play?

In Bayern’s youth academy, Yildiz has played mostly since then MidfielderBenefiting from his technical skills and vision of the game outperform the participant. In the past he played carelessly like Left wing and right wing: It’s unfamiliar, and it’s a very interesting and useful feature.

However, Juventus’ new signature can also be used as a player half wingis actually a player with good entry times, and asserts himself in the penalty area also thanks to his size (his slim body but one meter and a height of 85).

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Yildiz, awaiting a potential first-team jump, could be included in Juventus U23 as well as in Juventus Spring. His purchase, highly coveted by Juventus’ management, is sure to preclude an almost certain future in the team now coached by Max Allegri.

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