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Good-bye, Boris Johnson. Scandals and the mass resignations of members of his government overshadowed the British Prime Minister white flag waving: resignation as party leader. Thus, the UK will change its leadership. All in the midst of the war in Ukraine, a conflict in which BoJo has taken a very clear position: whatever the cost, always side by side with Kyiv to the point of bowing to Russia Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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And now, without Johnson, what happens? The topic is addressed countercurrentLed program Veronica Gentile In Rete 4, where there is a guest Paolo Liguoriboss TgCom24which is spent in insightful thinking about this whole situation.

“It is something different. The great crisis of Western leaders is there – it is being shown for the first time -.” Boris Johnson spearheaded a theory that says: The more fierce we are against Putin and the more we all unite, the more Putin’s world will collapse. Putin will essentially have to leave. This was the initial theory on which we relied, and which I have heard repeated a hundred times,” Liguori recalls.

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And again: “But I do not think that making a fierce face with a tyrannical dictator is a good thing, being dictators and tyrannical, this is also true for Erdogan, they strengthen themselves and do not isolate themselves. Then We saw this isolation of Putin at the BRICS conference: he has almost the whole world with him Expressing his concerns, Paolo Liguori concludes with all his fears, and we are on the other side, not to mention at least a third.”

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