Antonino Spinalbes is steeped in passion: before her …

Antonino Spinalbes forgot Belen Rodriguez. The former hairdresser began dating a girl for some time, young entrepreneur Giulia Tordini. There has been no shortage of rumors about their love story, but the paparazzi have only caught it now when the passion has exploded!

between Antonino Spinalbes And the Belen Rodriguez Love is gone too soon. Just a few months after the birth of their baby Luna Maroannounced the couple rest time: Various personal and professional goals pushed them away, and the former hairstylist admitted that the relationship with Argentine Showgirl It is reduced to a minimum for the girl’s sake.

A few months after the news of their separation, Antonino Spinalbes It seemed that he had reopened his heart to a new acquaintance. As reported by the paparazzi, the former hairstylist spent a romantic weekend at Forte dei Marmi Accompanied by a young businessman and jewelry designer Giulia TurdiniThe one you’ve been dating for a few months…

Antonino Spinalbes: Here’s the kiss

Antonino Spinalbes And the Giulia Turdini I’m one of the new couples in the summer! In the photos published by the weekly Chi, comes the final confirmation of a love story that has finally blossomed:ex boyfriend From Belen Rodriguez He takes Giulia Turdini in his arms, and kisses with passion.

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Gestures, like this accomplices And the intimate, As well as exchanging looks, they leave no doubt: between Antonino Spinalbes And the Giulia Turdini There is a great understanding that started this summer and is ready to continue in the coming months. Who knows if this isn’t the time for Antonino, who also went out with the model after Belen Helena Priestes!

However, as he admitted in a recent interview, Antonino Spinalbes She knows very well that since last July, there has been one great love in her life: this love for her daughter Luna Maro. The former hairstylist admitted that “all other women would be just lovers.” but with Giulia Turdini You can change your mind…

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