Arissa releases in an exciting version the new song in Spanish “Tu mi perdicion”

This is how Arisa’s new musical season begins in a completely new and renewed look. In fact, for the first time, the artist introduces a sing-along song entirely in Spanish: “It comes from a little melody with a humming voice in Spanish transformed in the studio into a real one. The song was born in Spanish and stayed in Spanish. It was quite a challenge to complete it without trying to absorb it into anything else. .without prejudice to his essence, his first longing.”

Written and arranged by Arisa herself with

Giuseppe Dalbenzio, Ornella Felicity, Giuseppe Barbera and Paco Martucci, Produced by Jason Rooney

“Tu mi perdición” is a song that reflects the singer’s evolution: “Everything is changing, changing itself, and even love now vibrates in a different frequency. Time heals and shows you the true nature of things if you weren’t my heart going through a very hard time for the first time in my life I shed so many tears And I fought to install an idea that stole my smile for months. A circular idea, made of sleepless nights, as if I had a strange fever that robbed me of hunger and desire for everything. Now I’m better.”

The artist admits that now he finally understood true love: “I’ve never experienced it before and found myself able to deliver so much. I don’t care about the outcome. I’m proud of myself and I’ll do it again a thousand times over. #tumiperdicion tells the story of my love. Strange is love when it’s authentic, can’t Defining but so powerful, it is omnipresent even in permanent absence. It is lost, I cry, I live, it passes.”

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