Askoll Scoo3, the three-wheeled scooter test, perfect in the city

There is a new ally for green mobility in megacities. he is called Askol Scoo3Made by the leading Italian company in the production of electric cars for cities. It is configured to be a partially revolutionary electric scooter, equipped with mechanical and technological systems that put it at the top of the segment. Perhaps, given the possible uses, it would be more appropriate to define it as “scooterDesigned and designed to participate in Shared Mobilitywith some agreements already in place with various market providers.


Askoll wants Scoo3 to be the ultimate zero-emission mobility solution for cities. Designed to be shared, it delivers High levels of security and stabilityThanks to a triple approach solid wheels anti puncture from 10″ (one in the front and two in the rear), with a tilting platform, a battery capable of ensuring high autonomy and a truly improved vibration damping system. There are no cables or sensors in sight, with all components and communication systems hidden in the front area of ​​the platform. On the steering wheel you will find a file QR Code and codes with which to activate the sharing service from a smartphone.

In the front there are disc brakes and regenerative brakes while they are inserted in the rear disc brakes, they are simultaneously controlled by two levers on the steering wheel (there is also a parking brake). made of aluminum frame, highly resistant, with a suspension front fork and a slanted center footplate, attached to the rear axle. The steering column is the same as that used on the Askol eS3 and NGS scooters. The two rear wheels can be tilted laterally and damped vertically, while the platform supports the tilt during the tilt phase. Certainly not compressed, with one Length 1220 mm it’s a the total weightwith battery 28 kg. It has a full LED lighting system, complete with front and back arrows and guaranteed Support up to 110 kg.

battery and motor

Think of service to shareNew Askoll Scoo3 presents a Lithium-ion battery Somewhat generous, hidden inside the platform, Swap ready Or for shipping via the connector. Open the smart cabin, by APP or physical key, so as not to damage its operation due to vandalism. 630 W – 17500 mA at 36 volts and an electric current of 17.5 amps. The Weight from around 3.6 kg And rechargeable in about 4 hours (2 hours to go from 20% to 80%) to deliver aMaximum range of 45 km.

On the traction side, however, there is brushless electric motor placed on the front wheel, with a maximum rated force of 350 watts it’s a Torque 25 Nm. Without the blocks, it would be able to propel the Scoo3 to a top speed of 50 km/h, which is obviously limited to 25 km/h due to the regulations in force in Italy (“pedestrian” mode is also available, at 6 km/h). According to the values ​​conveyed by Askol, it is necessary 4 seconds to go from 0 to 20 km/hwhile 8 to touch 25 km / h.

Our guide

We had the opportunity to test the new Askoll Scoo3 for a few hours near Darsena di Milana somewhat hostile place to trade electric scooters: buffAnd the pebblesAnd the tram rails and several sidewalks. After a very short time adjusting to its handling and weight, we immediately headed to the dreaded Milanese Puff. The solid wheels, built with the intention of sharing, don’t wink quite comfortably, but the work the suspension systems do is really flawless, especially on the rear axle. After an initial uncertainty, we continued quietly, even trying to cross the tram rails aside, undisturbed.

The Scoo3 continues to run relentlessly, without paying much attention to dents or vibrations (to always keep an eye on the road surface, the 10-inch single wheel up front can fit in small crevices). Designed for safety and stabilityIn fact, you don’t need to be an expert to guide you to better manage changes in trend. The braking force is also noticeable, while the acceleration can be calibrated a little better: sometimes you might want a bit more thrust, right away, while it comes with a slight delay when you hit the throttle fully. We could not get a clear idea of ​​independence, as we traveled short distances and by various means.


On the connectivity and data sharing side, Askoll decided to rely on it upside downwhich is called the remote solution Cloud Box MiniIt is delivered directly from the factory with the scooter. In this way, companies operating in the sharing world can directly access vehicles digitally, thus integrating the data with their back-end systems. With more service than already tested in the sharing field, with vehicles, scooters and two-wheeled scooters, Invers provides ready-to-use components for all service providers who will integrate the Scoo3 into their share fleet.

The Invers IoT solution can ensure access to the vehicle at any time, supporting multi-band, 2G, 3G and 4G connections, with roaming capability via the built-in eSIM. CloudBoXX Mini also integrates a series of position sensors, gravity force sensors, accelerometers and GPS sensors to understand the vehicle’s health status at any time. There’s also an emergency battery, useful for helping with data communication for 40 hours after the standard scooter battery runs out.


so it An ideal tool for dismantling companiesDue to its robust build, reliability and durability over time, it is also ensured by a larger than average battery pack, to minimize replacement and maintenance. There is also a mechanism that locks the battery pack connectors to the body, in order to eliminate vibrations, so performance is not affected. The GPS and Tracker Integrated allows you to know the location of each vehicle in real time. Askol devices also allow to execute files Internet of Things systems Upon request by the operator. Askoll has already agreed with some companies in the participating sector to supply Scoo3 but there is no further information on this matter. Talk to technicians, if one day he opens up on a premise Selling to Individualsthe price is likely to be around 1,500 euros (an infinite number), and therefore in a very high range, given the technological and mechanical level.

This is the The best electric scooter on the market? In terms of safety, control, stability and serenity on the road, maybe yes. Few, if any, others can boast of this level of comfort even on the sidewalk. Pay attention to the weight, it is not easy to lift manually to get up or down from the sidewalk (it withstands jumps of about 10 cm high without breaking).


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