“Back to Monkey Island” does not like, fans are not satisfied with the style of the cartoon. Author: “People are evil”

The final chapter of the saga will be released at the end of the year but the trailer sparked controversy

When a new chapter of The epic of the legendary video games of Monkey Islandfans and nostalgia from all over the world to Rapture: Lucasart’s masterpiece, began in 1990It will be back later this year with a brand new game. After the announcement in April, in the context of the event Nintendo Direct On June 28, the developers revealed the first trailer for the new – and possibly last – chapter of the now thirty-year-old graphic adventure: There’s apparently going to be a pirate Joybrush Thripwood And piracy is very bad lechak, along with a group of new characters that are still unknown. The game will be available in computer Temporarily exclusively in Nintendo Switch, then also released on other consoles. perfect one nostalgia process Designed by saga creator and game director Ron Gilbertisn’t that it new drawing style From the game it made many of Monkey Island’s “purists” turn their noses up, who attacked Gilbert which prompted him to decide not to post further updates on the development status of the project.

A different video game

Fans’ outrage, even if exaggerated, derives from the fact that Monkey Island is more than a simple video game it’s a real one. cultural phenomenonThe cornerstone of the ’90s gaming industry that inspired and inspired Great cinema classics and culture pop The seventies and eighties. The first chapter of the graphic adventure was produced in 1990 by LucasGames (later Lucasarts, purchased by Disney In 2021), it’s an instant hit thanks to the ramshackle adventures of ambitious pirate Jaiprash and the surreal humor of its creators Ron Gilbert, Dave Grossman and Tim Shafer. to me Monkey Island Secret to follow after a year Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revengewhich did well with the first chapter but did not follow, leaving the original trilogy without conclusion.

The unsolved puzzle

to me thirty years Since it first appeared on PCs around the world, Secret Mellei Island has yet to be revealed, and players are hoping this will be the last chapter skin dismantling. The series has continued in recent years, producing Curse of Monkey Island (1997), Escape from monkey island (2000) and Monkey Island Tales (2009), however, was released without the input of the trio of original developers and thus without a distinct touch: these chapters are actually different from the original saga for graphics, ambiance, and humor.

31 years of waiting

Now, 31 years after the second Monkey Island, Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman are bringing the project back together, but there will also be Other important returnsThe music will be composed by Michael Land, Peter McConnell and Clint Bajakian, the authors of the original soundtrack, while Guebrush will be voiced in English by Dominic Armato, the actor who voiced the character in the first two chapters. What has changed the most is sector drawing From work, no longer in it pixel art But in a new look more developed In keeping with the times: this very modernity provoked Public outrage, who wanted to find the exact same game from 1991 in 2022. One user wrote on Gilbert’s blog: “The game will fail because it is objectively horrible and only yourself can blame.” Another adds, “In the end, all you get is to kill Monkey Island again, this time forever.”

“My wish is gone”

Ron Gilbert decided after having unexpected negative reactions that led to personal insults and threats stop communication on the progress of the project, as well as blocking the ability to comment on posts published on its website special personal blogOn April 1, he first announced the release of the video game. “close comments– the author wrote – simply people He left I had to delete the comments with personal attacks. it’s a game Nice Everyone on the team is absolutely proud of him. Play it or don’t play it, but don’t spoil the experience for others. I will not post anything related to the game anymore. The desire to exchange information has ended.”

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