Bandai Namco sent a commemorative sword to the legend Let Me Solo Her –

Let me solo herLegendary player elden ring Who killed Malinia a thousand times, the most powerful coach in the game, Bandai Namco gave him a real award ceremonial swordWhich bears witness to his colossal commitment.

ceremonial sword

Let Me Solo Her, also known as Klein Tsuboi, helped many other players in the fight against Malenia, so much so that he became very popular in the community. Of course, he really appreciated the gift, so much so that he posted some photos on Twitter, through his account (TsuboiKlein):

Also very nice is the packaging and extras that come with the sword, which includes an Interregnum map and board. Written on the sword: “Rise, rotten.” The best part was the personal congratulatory message, which really pleased Tsuboi.

what I say? This is definitely the culmination of Let Me Solo Her’s career, which has already become the subject of many works by the community, immortalizing it in various ways. However, the legend now had a real sword. Who knows how happy Malinia will be.

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