Barns love gold mines: find Fiat Dino and priceless vintage cars

If you want to search for vintage cars, rare or otherwise, it looks like Virginia, a state located in the southeastern United States, is the land to go to. The advantage is that they can be found in some sheds, and that’s what makes the “Classic Car Hunt” even more interesting. Beautiful vehicles that have a wonderful past, are found in certain places just like barns and granaries. And there are those who are happy to find them like Tom Cotter Hajarti who came across some rare antique cars electonCity in Maryland.

Old cars: gems discovered in barns

The “classic car hunter” can be identified as the protagonist of the story, Tom Cotter. The man embarked on a journey to search for vehicles from the past, discovering precious gems in some of the barns and granaries, including a 1975 Ferrari Dino, an AMC Javelin, and a 1984 Ford 351 Cleveland.

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Kotter’s Journey

Tom Cotter apparently wanted to voluntarily go after the classic car, so the discovery wasn’t accidental. Call Cotter a local auto expert “Game Land”, a place where rare cars were abandoned. However, in Virginia, for as long as there are two kinds of vintage cars: those that have been restored and flawless and those that are rusty just waiting to be put back in place. Before Cotter began this quest to discover cars, in fact, he was introduced to Zac, a gentleman collector of classic cars who showed him a restored 1961 Ford Country Squire (and had bought it ready-made with only a few changes). But after he embarked on this journey of discovering vintage cars, Cotter met Shack, a gentleman who, in this case, on the other hand, Ford 351 Cleveland from 1984 it’s a AMC Javelin covered in dust.

The man was also up for sale Ferrari Dino from 1975 With 18,000 miles marked on the odometer. Cotter continued his journey, arriving at a former turkey barn, which had become a classic Rockingham County car barn, owned by his friend Bill. A large portion of the vehicles were for sale, and one of them stood out 1973 Plymouth DusterOne Plymouth Barracuda in 1965One Pontiac GTO from 1966One Ford Galaxy from 1970An old woman pocket From the Army of World War II, one MG elf And two trucks evades.

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