Bayern, full speed ahead of De Ligt: blitzkrieg, new offer, Juventus’ response | first page

When Bayern leave, they usually arrive. It looks like this will also happen on the Matthijs de Ligt front. For Chelsea who moved months ago and put more money in the pot. With Juventus at this point in the final stages of negotiations with the sole aim of getting as much money as possible. Knowing the difficulties that can exist when the player basically chooses. He has already chosen De Ligt three times. before not renewing the contract. Then from the desire to leave Juventus. Finally to accept the Bayern Munich project. A decision, the latter, which gave strength to the Bavarian club despite the attempts of Chelsea, almost gave up. The turning point, perhaps decisive, was on Wednesday, again in Milan: even before meeting Valle Ramadani and Claudio Vigorelli, in fact, Federico Cerubini Brazo Salihamidzic, former Juventus player and above all Bayern Munich, were hosted. Clear agreements and very clear ideas: as it was said on, everything was ready for the relaunch of the Bavarian club, and communications are still going on today to determine an offer that will be around 70-75 million with bonuses that can bring the total figure in 85-90 million . Rafaela Pimenta’s arrival in Turin on the occasion of Paul Pogba’s return could be used to complete the process that appears to have entered the final straight at this point. The Times – Juventus, Bayern Munich and De Ligt are at work at the time. At the moment, the player is still among the teams participating in Sunday’s rally, there will be no theatrical hits even if he should appear at the end if there are no technical times to complete the process. Negotiations continue but not just the feeling that De Ligt is now convinced he can become a Bayern Munich player, a belief shared by the German club itself. While Juventus is still hoping to make a few million more.

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