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Belen Rodriguez is without a doubt an exciting icon of our country. Now showing a particular snapshot, when the revisions weren’t there

when it was just”Adolescencewas quite the Argentinian model Different. No one will be able to recognize him. through the years Belen Rodriguez He was able to conquer the Italian public. Today she is one of the most famous women in the world of entertainment, but also one of the most famous Criticize.

He worked in the fashion world, participated in many TV shows, but above all talked a lot about himself. love life. Today she’s 37, but Belen Rodriguez was just like when she was a little girl Different. one vision old pictureOnly a few will be able to recognize it.

He just had a 18 years The announcer when she arrived in Italy. In a short time he started working in the fashion world first, and then later Earth on TV. it’s huge beauty and his dazzling smile They were factors that allowed her to conquer the public.

Natural Belen Rodriguez

Belen Rodriguez without plastic surgery

Furthermore it Belen Rodriguez She was always on everyone’s lips, especially for him love life. After embarking on a relationship with an Italian man, who is a complete stranger to the world of entertainment, she sets out in a love affair with the soccer player Marco Borriello. A story that lasted two years but did not have a happy ending.

Later, after the former Milan striker, Belen Rodriguez started dating Fabrizio Corona. It was a rather turbulent time for her, which she doesn’t talk about easily. In 2012, she met a showgirl Stefano Di Martinothe dancer he was working with at the time Emma Maroon. There has been talk of this love triangle for a long time, until 2013 marriage Between Stefano and Belen.

From this love a little boy was born Santiago, but the couple experienced ups and downs over the years, which eventually led to the separation. Then Beilin became a mother for the second time, giving birth to the little girl Luna Mariewith Antonino Spinalbes. Once again, this love story is over.

We are used to seeing now Belen Rodriguez for years. But did you ever see her when she was just”Adolescence? Recently, the showgirl posted on Instagram a picture of her being alone 14 years.

Belen Rodriguez without plastic surgery

Although it has been used over the yearsSurgeons’ helpwe can say that it was just awesome Also everything is normal. In fact, there are many comments that accompanied that photo.

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