Big Brother Phoebe, Alex Bailey Thunders at Sulley Sorge Party: ‘No Invitation In Return We Met The Friend’

Among the previous protagonists in the sixth edition of the Big Brother Vip is omari gelo: Alex Belli’s words about his ex-art friend.

Soleil riseThe beautiful Italian-American influencer is among the heroes of the sixth edition of Big Brother VIPa few days ago he celebrated his 28th birthday with a lavish party in Porto Cesario in a famous club in the province of Lecce.

Big Brother Vibe, Alex Bailey Thunders At Sulley Sorge Party “No Invitation In Return We Met Beloved”

Tables laid out by the pool, flowers and fireworks capped the event in the company of Jevina’s ex-boyfriends, including some of her adventurous housemates: Amedeo Gurria, Sophie Codegoni in the console with Alessandro Bacciano And other faces of the series such as the former tronista of Omnini and Doni Lucas Perracci and Gwenda Gurria.

on birthday he goes up This has also been seen as mysterious Boyfriend Carlo, is always particularly reluctant to show himself to photographers. Among the absent, of course Alex Bailey, Now a little more than an acquaintance of the former suitor who Gf VIP Instead, she considered him an especially special friend. . was interviewed gossip people, Alex She talked about her ex-art friend and her birthday:

“There was no ‘non-invitation’, the truth is this. We and we were in two completely different parts. I have my life, ma’am. It is her life, with her husband we finally met everyone. That’s fine. But I saw that she had a wonderful birthday party, I am so happy for her and she deserves it.”

“There’s no need to delve into something that doesn’t exist. Sully and I are in different hemispheres, physically apart, there’s nothing.”

Alex And he finally repeated that he is having a beautiful moment and is happy next to his wife Delia Duran:

“I’m so happy, we’re really okay and love each other more than ever. I also think she’s with her partner. It’s a closed class. Everyone has their own life, we’re all fine. That’s the only thing that really matters.”

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