Bill Gates publishes his 1974 autobiography: at the age of nineteen he was already earning more than $70,000 a year

A net worth of more than $100 billion Bill Gates is considered the fourth richest man in the world It occupied the top of this ranking for many years. In recent days, the Microsoft co-founder shared his 1974 biography, when he was still 19, on LinkedIn, and from there a long discussion began.

“Whether you’re a recent college graduate or a college dropout, I’m sure your resume is much better than mine 48 years ago.”Gates wrote in the caption accompanying the photo. Stylistically, Bill Gates’ biography is not entirely developed, showing some interesting data. What stands out first and foremost is its annual earnings: $12,000 in 1974 is roughly $70,000 today, net present value of the currency and inflation. All were 19, when Gates was still in his freshman year at Harvard.

Bill Gates publishes his 1974 autobiography on LinkedIn

It also highlights his skills as a beginner and matured with the aim of becoming System Analyst or a “systems programmer”. As stated in the biography Paul J Allen, with whom he co-founded Microsoft early the following year. The document also states that in 1974 the two collaborated in developing a system aimed at industry professionals to “study the flow of traffic”.

As already written, sharing one of my first bios led to the creation of a profile Long line of comments on LinkedIn Among the thanks and tips for posting other subsequent resumes in order to better analyze his professional growth. Several users said they were surprised to see Gates’ IT development skills already in his college years, while others focused on the physical details entered, such as height and weight (at 19, Gates was 1.78 cm tall and weighed 59 kg). Gates stated at the time that he had no “staff”: Place of work and salary required? No restrictions.

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