Bitter Earth, July 8 Predictions: Yilmaz Mission

Return of Demir and Zuleha Yilmaz to the estate. Demir Yilmaz goes to the huts, where Dr. Sabah al-Din takes care of the sick. Dissatisfied with the work of Gafur, who also seems to have disappeared, he orders Demir Yilmaz to take care of the organization of the village.

Demir wants to know where Gafur is, so Henker replied that he sent him to Istanbul on a business trip.

When Sabah al-Din returns home, she finds Sermin on the phone with his daughter Petul, intent on giving her advice on how to find a good match for marriage. After the phone call, Sarmin asked her husband to send his daughter 5,000 francs, but he did not agree.

As soon as Yilmaz learned that Ghafoor was in Istanbul, he called Naim and Ayhan to see if anyone was asking about him…

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