Bonus 110. Here’s a treat to celebrate the September 30 deadline

September 30 is the deadline for the works carried out with a reward of 110 on villas and single-family buildings.

In fact, expenses incurred up to December 31, 2022 will be guaranteed to be covered with Bonus 110 only if 30% progress status is reached by September 30th.

In fact, there will be a solution to get out of the deadline on September 30th.

Oftentimes, the same company has to carry out the work or the technicians responsible for taking care of the practice of Bonus 110 to propose this solution.

We at Investire Oggi want to talk about that in this article, highlighting the costs and opportunities for the taxpayer who doesn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to renovate a $110 home renovation.

Bonus 110. Deadlines for single-family buildings and homes

It is now known that l Single family villas and buildings The bonus will cover expenses incurred up to December 31, 2022.

In particular, this deadline is valid only where, by September 30, the company will reach a work progress, SAL, of at least 30%. To calculate this minimum percentage, functions that are not smoothed with 110 can also be considered. So it will be easier to positively check if the above threshold is achieved.

The filing date of the Cila superbonus does not matter, if it was submitted before or after June 30, 2022.

However, be careful, if the 30% threshold is not reached, the expenses incurred up to the last mentioned date i.e. June 30, 2022 will be facilitated for the works carried out by that date.

What has been said so far also applies to the real estate units within it Multiple family buildings which – which:

  • be functionally independent And the
  • You have one or more Independent access from outside.

Think terraced homes.

We remind you that by ‘independent access from the outside’ we mean a separate access, not shared with other real estate units, closed by a gate or entrance door allowing access from the street, from the courtyard or from the garden owned also not exclusively. Furthermore, a real estate unit may be considered “functionally independent” if it is equipped with at least three of the following exclusively owned installations or artefacts: water supply systems; Gas installations Electric power systems Winter air conditioning system.

Possible solution to miss the September 30 deadline

As stated in the introduction, there will be a solution to break free from the September 30 deadline.

Specifically, it is about the possibility of property fragmentation. With the intention of acquiring two real estate units and benefiting from higher spending limits for the purposes of the 110 bonus.

Indeed, in the case of interventions on common areas, if the spending limit is set on the basis of the number of real estate units that make up the building subject to the interventions, not only the individual apartments but also the annexes (garage for example). For example, if the spending limit per real estate unit for a thermal insulation system is 40,000, then the maximum spending that will be allocated to the intervention will be equal to 40,000 * the number of real estate units, including annexes.

Once the subdivision is completed, it enters into the premise of works to be carried out on the buildings of 2 to 4 real estate units owned by one owner or jointly owned by several natural persons. For these buildings, what was just said about spending limits on apartment buildings applies. See publication Agenzia delle Entrate No. 23/2022.

But be careful, property zoning has a cost: the practice to the municipality, the land registry, and the eviction for the technician who follows the zoning practice. Further, the IMU must be paid in addition to the Tari on the second real estate unit.

Therefore, it is a solution that should be well thought out.

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