Boris Johnson resigned today from party leadership and will remain prime minister until autumn –

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Today, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced after a wave of resignations in the government. pound fly

From our email – end of the line. Boris Johnson has resigned today, after less than three years in Downing Street: and will go down the record as one of the least-lived prime ministers in modern British history. He intends to remain in office temporarily until the Conservative Party chooses a successor: a measure that will not end until the autumn. But there are strong doubts that he will be allowed: it is more likely that this task will be temporarily entrusted to the deputy prime minister, Dominic Raab, or to some other figure involved (the name of Theresa May has even been mentioned), whose task will be to restart the engine of government.

So far, Boris has been left alone and barricaded in Downing Street, As members of his cabinet continue, as of this morning, to resign en masse

. The coup of mercy was dealt with by Nadim Al-Zahawi, who had just two days earlier appointed Treasurer in place of the resigned Rishi Sunak: Prime Minister – Zahawi wrote – You know in your heart the right thing to do: Get away now. The country deserves a government that is not only stable, but operates with integrity. Shortly thereafter, the ad from Downing Street: Johnson is throwing in the towel. And the markets immediately celebrated: the pound began to rise, as did the stock index.

But months of political uncertainty await Great Britain, at a time when the economic crisis is bombarding people’s wallets and social unrest is spreading like wildfire (not to mention the international situation, with the war in Ukraine). Boris held out to the end, but the smell of mold spread around him. A cataract opened on Tuesday afternoon, with the simultaneous resignations of Treasurer (also known as Treasurer) Rishi Sunak and Health Minister Sajid Javid, who dealt a fatal blow to Johnson’s government and its credibility. And yesterday, during the fierce Question time In Parliament, where Boris promised to move forwardJavid explained his reasons for his resignation by saying a lot: I have given the Prime Minister the benefit of the doubt several times about other suspicions of the scandal, but I am now convinced that the problem is at the top, and that Johnson will not change. It was echoed by other Conservative MPs, while colleagues stared into space with rocky looks. Soon, Boris presented himself to a hearing before a parliamentary commission, giving life to a surreal spectacle: while asked what was happening, he assured him that he would remain prime minister tomorrow. But his power was eroding over time.

Johnson goes so far as to be overshadowed by his own incompetence even before the political mistakes. This situation precipitated the latest scam the Prime Minister found himself embroiled in, the sex scandal involving Conservative Deputy Leader Chris Pincher, accused of harassment and unwanted advances towards several young colleagues and male aides. It turns out that the Prime Minister had known about these behaviors for years, a circumstance initially denied: in short, as in the case of Partygate, parties in Downing Street during lockdown, and various other circumstances, Boris once again showed a complete disregard for the rules and the truth, as his ministers were sent in front of the cameras to defend the indefensible..

Morale in the Conservative Party has dipped in recent days to below zero and concern was also evident in the government: In the televised cabinet meeting, the ministers’ faces looked like the faces of a funeral. Ministers who saw themselves laughing in the face in Parliament, even by their own deputies, when they tried to explain that Johnson had forgotten the allegations against Pincher. The prime minister’s authority was already seriously compromised a month ago, when he survived a vote of no-confidence, but saw more than 40% of the parliamentary bloc vote against him.. Subsequently, the double electoral defeat in two important complementary rounds showed that his magic touch had worn off: for the majority of public opinion, disgusted with scandals, he had to resign. Today, the conservatives themselves have finally succeeded in getting rid of the crisis. as one commenter from timesWe can be a serious country again.

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