Bremer, a meeting between Inter and Torino. Cairo asks for 40 million euros: Cassady proposed as counterpart

The first real meeting between Inter and Torino to find a bargain Gleeson Bremer. To report it is Gianluca Di Marzio during today’s episode of sky The original transfer market. The Nerazzurri coaches will try as much as the coaches to reach an agreement for the Brazilian defender, who has long been in Pepe’s goal. Marotta and piero help. The latter met with the sporting director of Turin, David, this afternoon my fascination with Paulo posardoplayer agent. From this meeting, Inter officially made the strong will to find the right formula for the repatriation of the 97th chapter, and put a peer on the board: there was talk of Cesar Casadei A player born in 2003, in the service of Cristian Chivaux who loves the Cairo club, an effort Milan, however, are willing to make as long as they keep buybacks. For his part, Torreñez’s president made at least a request 40 million eurosor. We will work to find the appropriate solution, with Inter trying to reduce requests.

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