BYD, it’s all about the Chinese giant that makes Tesla shiver. This produces only one model of auto-

With 641,000 cars in the first six months, the news was re-launched by financial timesChina’s BYD had overtaken Tesla, to become the world’s largest electric car maker (a figure disputed by Forbes Accordingly, BYD will also count plug-in hybrids, while Tesla sells exclusively electric models).

BYD, what it is and what it does

Unknown to the European public, the Shenzhen-based brand – and with a minority stake in billionaire Warren Buffett – was nonetheless established in China, where Work began in the field of electric batteries Today, it can boast that it has overtaken South Korea’s LG as the second largest manufacturer of “on tap” vehicle accumulators in the world.

From bikes to buses

Its businesses range from electric bikes, forklifts, solar panels and cell phone batteries, but also buses, vans, and commercial vehicles. as you consider it, Giant in the sectorproving just how far China (with over 3 million electric vehicles sold, including plug-in) has turned into a center of gravity in electrified technologies.

only one car

Away from volumes, the Chinese brand is aiming at the moment Electric car model, Tang, 7-seater SUVAvailable in two versions: with two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. Measuring almost 5 meters in length, it has an attractive design that caters to European tastes as well. On the other hand, the design is signed by Wolfgan Egger, a well-established car designer. After working at Alfa Romeo, Seat and Lancia, from 2007 to 2016 he held the position of Head of Audi Design. Leave the task to meet the Chinese challenge with BYD Chi He does not hide the desire to set foot in our market as well. In the meantime, it has established a branch in Belgium in Schiedam.

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