Cafe Bourbon, Minister Giorgetti: “A successful model for doing business”

Despite clear indications of an increase in the cost of raw materials, 2021 closed with a record €253 million, with a net profit of €63.5 million. The first quarterly report for 2022 continued to strengthen the growth trend, with revenues of 66.4 million euros, an increase of 2% compared to the same period of the previous year, which benefited, moreover, from the increase in domestic coffee consumption caused by the shutdown (+36% compared to the first quarter). from 2020).

These numbers are enough to explain why Bourbon coffee, the company headquartered in Caivano nel Napoletano (13 thousand square meters of factory), about 200 employees, founded by Massimo Renda and controlled from 2018 to 60% by the Italmobiliare group of the Pesenti family (the remaining 40% remained in Renda and she is CEO) In a few years, it became one of the three major players nationally with Lavazza, Nespresso and above all a leader in the sale of capsules and pods (now increasingly also in widespread distribution). But those same numbers also explain why Caffè Borbone, who was born into a family and doesn’t give up on that philosophy yet after having been navigating much larger personalities and expectations, decided to make another leap in quality. That is, focus on Innovation 4.0 processes to innovate the plant, create new production performance and increase employment. An important project, and certainly one of the few in the south that uses the financial opportunities of Industry 4.0, for which the Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti It has, unsurprisingly, given the disguised green light in recent days. In fact, it was Giorgetti who authorized a program agreement with Caffè Borbone which provides for an investment of €13.4 million in 4.0 technologies and the environmental sustainability of the Caivano site.

Industrial development project is called CORE (coffee or sentiment search) It will allow to increase the production capacity of the plant through an innovative roasting system 4.0, capable of automatically controlling the filling of capsules and capsules for coffee machines. It is also planned to create areas to store raw materials and finished products, as well as to purchase a photovoltaic system to meet daily energy needs, with limited management and maintenance costs, it is said. The Ministry of Economic Development provides about 5.4 million euros in subsidies that will allow for increased employment with 92 jobs. In 2024, upon completion of the planned investments, the company will have 308 employees.

“Innovation, sustainability, development of the territory and the creation of new jobs are all criteria that the Caffè Borbone project fully respects, and therefore deserves financing through development contracts”, stated Minister Giorgetti. “This investment represents a winning model for doing business that aims to protect and enhance the traditions and taste of a product, Neapolitan espresso, that is recognized and appreciated all over the world,” he adds.

Italmobiliare bought 60% of Aromatika srl, the coffee roasting company under the Caffé Borbone brand, for 140 million euros (the transaction value exceeded 233 million euros). Carlo Bisenti, Italmobiliare’s CEO at the time, said the group was an opportunity to “expand our equity investment portfolio, in a sector with a high growth rate and additional development potential”. After four, we can say that the investment has given great results. The same goes for Renda, who has long been considered one of the most reliable managers in the industry. One, to be clear, who often repeats how important it is to “continue commitment to sustainability, keeping the brand’s strategic objective consistent, in terms of innovation and research. Without ever giving up a strong regional affiliation ».

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