Celebrity Island, Eduardo Tavasi lost his mind to her: “When I saw her…”

That the former outcast had a soft spot for the ex-Jivina is no mystery. However, Edoardo Tavassi publicly revealed for the first time what he thought when he saw Soleil Sorge reaching the shores of Isola dei Famosi.

Eduardo Tavasi landed onFamous Island role play Not connected Firmly in search of love. Currently Marital status It has not changed despite the closeness with Mercedes Hinger during the reality show. However, the former untouchable is not the only one Women which in HondurasMake his heart beat…

small parsley Soleil riseaccompanied by vera gemmareached the untouchables in palapa for one episode. during prime time,piratesThey all helped Team to beat it Challenges To win the prestigious Rewards Edible. Upon announcing the arrival of the 28-year-old influencer on the island, Gwendalina Tavasi, By the time she is already back in Italy, she exclaims in the living room of Five in the afternoon from his brother Edward He’s always had a stratospheric crush Soleil He wondered how he would react when he confronted her with meat and a bikini.

The directly interested Which, in the context of a Instagram Live He’s definitely unbuttoned himself.

Eduardo Tavasi is crazy about Soli Sorge: “Beautiful, powerful and self-deprecating”

L ‘former roman outcast confess to his parents Followers He was really dumbfounded when he saw Soleil arrive on the beachFamous Island with vera gemma.

What can I say about her, only positive things. It was nice and sunny with us. Sully, you guys, when you saw her coming, stop everyone! Freeze everything for me… Nicola, myself and Alvin were also dumbfounded and open. Let’s say, we got stuck for a moment. No, well, because she’s still a pretty girl, all jokes aside.

Eduardo Tavasi He later admitted that he estimated Soleil Not only for her beauty, but also for the way she helped them in their endurance tests. “He made a test of a Vitruvian man doing spear jumps, It’s really strong – Continue – Let’s say it was Nice show when Sulli was there With us. Then I have to reveal it She is also very cute and pretty…in short, Soleil to me is a big yes. This girl is agreed at all”.

at the same direct, Guendalina Tavassi’s brother Then he expressed his opinion again Think on young womenIsland who approached him. It is the aforementioned mercedes And the Estefania Bernal.

stefania friend, She is clearly a beautiful girl, but she is a friend. He’s someone I enjoy, It makes me laugh. It makes me laugh because someone doesn’t understand shit. This makes me laugh a lot hence it is self-deprecating. to me Mercedes did nothing wrong, It’s not that I don’t want to see her anymore. Simply There were some things that weren’t clear to me And I, when I do not understand something, say so.

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