Charlene from Monaco, Rose Bowl in Danger: She’s Freezing with Carolina

Charlene Monaco You must participate in Rose Bowlscheduled for July 8, but could give up at the last minute due to the never-resolved tensions with Carolina Monaco tasked with organizing the most spectacular event in Monte Carlo.

Charlene of Monaco, the rose ball is in danger

The presence of Charlene of Monaco at the Rose Bowl has been called into question after the princess tested positive for Covid in June. Because of her precarious state of health, and because of the serious infection that hit her nose, throat and ears last year, it was feared that the recovery from the virus would be long. Instead, Charlene recovered in time not only for the prestigious ball, but also for a series of appointments, at Larvotto Beach or in the maternity ward of Princess Grace Hospital, all without Alberto.

So it is expected that she will be seen alongside the Prince in a fancy dress on July 8. The rose ball will be her first chance To meet the entire Grimaldi family. In fact, since returning to work, she has only shown herself in the company of her husband and children, Jack and Gabriella. And even when his grandchildren, including Charlotte Casiraghi, arrived during the Monte Carlo GP, he actually had nothing to do with them. In particular, Charlene did not openly meet her sisters-in-law, Carolina and Stephanie.

Therefore, the 2022 version of Rose Bowl It can have a very symbolic meaning. Not only because it marks the return of this prestigious event, after two years of suspension due to the pandemic, but also and above all because it will witness the reunification of Charlene from Monaco and Carolina.

Charlene of Monaco and Caroline of Monaco: It’s freezing

As it is known: there is no good blood between the two women. It is said that the former swimmer Very jealous from her sister-in-law and would have asked Alberto to expel her from some event in the principality, a wish the prince did not wish to fulfill. For her part, Carolina doesn’t seem to like stepping aside in favor of Charlene who is entitled to play Premiere Dame in Monte Carlo. Hence the tensions, hatred and envy that seem to have intensified in the months during which the princess was forced into seclusion.

So, anything is possible in the evening of the rose ball. Until that last minute Charlene gave up being there. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be the first time. In fact, for two consecutive years, in 2018 and 2019 she did not attend. Despite that, Alberto He never wanted to give up For this social evening despite the absence of his wife. Also because he was always able to count on his sisters who always supported him.

Caroline Monaco, Rose Ball Theme 2022

The organization of the Rose Ball is traditionally entrusted to Caroline of Monaco, who in the 2022 edition relied on the cooperation of her friend Christian Louboutin to prepare the evening, which will be held at the Salle des Etoiles of Sporting in Monte Carlo.

This year’s theme is “Twenties, Back”. So guests will be transported to the ambiance of that era in an intertwined blend of glamor and glamour, inspired by Paris and Hollywood at the time. The House of Drama group has created a colorful and distinctive show for the occasion, which will highlight Bauhaus and disco trends revisited through Art Déco.

Several VIP guests, including pianist, composer and comedian Charlie Fodeau, sitcom star Dita Von Teese, choreographer and dancer Amelie Boleyn, skate artist Marawa, nightclub star Corinne and DJ Amina.

As tradition dictates, the proceeds of this 66th edition of the Rose Ball, organized with the participation of Stefan Byrne, a well-known journalist near Palazzo who also edited the documentary about the secret Alberto Castle, will be donated to the Princess Grace Foundation, helping children and their families in the hospital.

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